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    Hello people, this week i will start our second league here in Venezuela. This Time 6 weeks league.

    The rules:
    - Each gaming week will last 7 days, a maximum of 2 games can be played during this time that count towards the league, and you may not play the same player more than once during this time.

    Points for games:

    - Win: 3 Points.
    - Draw: 2 Points.
    - Loss: 1 Point.

    Painting points:
    5 points: 1 leader, 1 specialist, 5 infantry
    10 points: Have a complete Patrol/Skirmish/Battle level force at the end of the relevant weeks.
    5 points: Paint/build a terrain piece - max 15 points per week.

    League Schedule:
    First Week: Patrol Size: Thursday 3 August - Wednesday 9 August
    Second Week: Patrol Size + 1R1 Option: Thursday 10 August - Wednesday 16 August
    Third Week: Skirmish Size: Thursday 17 August - Wednesday 23 August
    Fourth Week: Skirmish Size + 2R1 Option: Thursday 24 August - Wednesday 30 August
    Fifth Week: Battle Size: Thursday 31 August - Wednesday 6 September
    Sixth Week: Battle Size + 4R1 Option: Thursday 7 September - Wednesday 13 September

    At the end of each week, i will post pictures from the games.

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    Default Second Week

    The games for this week:

    Nasier VS Goritsi: Nasier win 7-4 (Ended by time)

    Nasier VS Shael Han: Shael Han win 2-0

    Nasier VS Shael Han: Nasier win 6-5 (Ended by time)

    Teknes VS Goritsi: Teknes win 6-0

    Goritsi VS Nasier: Nasier win 5-0

    Nasier VS Goritsi: Nasier win 7-0

    Shael Han VS Goritsi: 3-0

    I will add more pictures later

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