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Thread: Curis' WIP Wipe

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    Cool. I just bought the new version of Talisman, so this is a timely post. I love the "slight" improvement shown between the two chaos knights! Lol

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    Got these boys on the painting desk at the moment!

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    Choose Your Own Adventurers – Episode 11: Indiana Jones, Xenoarchaeologist

    Warhammer 40,000 and archaeology. My two hobbies melded together. There’s not been this much combination of leisure pursuits since the notorious Inquisitor Bingedrink.

    “1988 Rogue Trader Citadel miniature? That belongs in a museum.”

    You might wonder what Indy is doing in the forty-first millennium, but seems Games Workshop had a serious thing for the archeologist producing not one but THREE homages to the character.

    Left to right: “Idaho Smith” from the Gothic Horror range; “Archaeologist” from the Talisman Timescape expansion; and “Bandit” from the Rogue Trader Adventurers range.

    I decided to paint this figure straight up as Indy rather than do any clever reimagining. Painting him in a grimdark scheme is something axiom or sho3box may attempt (good luck lads). The only thing actually placing this miniature in the forty-millennium is the Eldar laspistol. (At least I assume it’s an Eldar design, as it appears exclusively on the Eldar range, though oddly it pops up again in the Adventurers range on the Punk.)


    I’d like to get some more displaced 20th century archaeologists to accompany Indy on his field trips. The Citadel Gothic Horror range has both a Vicar and a Reverend that would work well as antiquarians, and a couple of Kathleen Kenyon lookalikes. The possibilities are endless when you’re hunting for something as mundane as a civilian in slightly muddy clothing.

    Indiana Jones and the Great Crusade.

    The Chaos Temple

    All this recent blogging and photography has highlighted the main terrain I have is cardboard Space Crusade pieces. To remedy this I picked through my storage crates and unearthed a polystyrene Chaos temple. Teenage Curis went through a Slaanesh phase and badly repainted the flagged flooring in a veiny purple marble. It looked awful and was hidden away for decades. I borrowed insipration and techniques from cheetor’s recent Age of Sigmar pieces.

    Stone Temple Bandit.

    The result is fairly plain, and I feel I need to pick out the odd brick in different colours – but it was gloriously quick to spray and drybrush. Most of the work was adding extra sand and rubble texture to cover the old factory-applied bright green static grass and damaged areas. It’s given me the confidence to tackle more terrain, perhaps the Battle Masters tower next.

    Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.
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    Very much enjoying your journey through vintage GW minis....I foolishly ebayed my hoard about a year before I was bitten by the painting bug again.

    The vintage Dr Who bits are gold. Had a copy of the old GW board game back in the mists of time.
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    I painted a test Ultramarine from the 1990 Space Marine Strike Force box. I managed to get it from spray undercoat to finished except-the-base in a single evening.

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    HeroQuest Quest – Chaos Warrior II

    A quickfire hobby challenge for the Scale Creep Peeps:

    Paint a charmingly basic model from HeroQuest
    nO cRaZy CoNvErSiOnS
    Replacing the sausagey rectangle base is encouraged.

    I picked a Chaos Warrior. To the 7-year-old boy learning words from game components, but not pronunciations: a “Chouse” Warrior.

    “Hoots mon! There’s a chouse louse about this house!”

    Theottovonbismark has already shown off Slambo and the 4E plastic Chouse … ahem … Chaos Warrior. Here’s the HeroQuest dude alongside Battlemasters and Legend of Zagor Chaos dudes, for no reason other than to showcase the breadth of my vintage Chaos.

    Prejudiced against gorefs, means he’s a gorefist.

    Otto’s updating of this old plastic has freehand and a jazzy base. My version is painted so tamely in comparison. I’ve gone for the red-and-metal scheme which you might think is a homage to the original HeroQuest art, but is really so he ties into my 1980s Chaos Warband. Being a 1989er *I think* he is actually the newest miniature. Everything is relative.

    “Oi, HeroQuest, you’re so young I bet you don’t remember POGs!”

    After modern-style crisp highlighting you start to realise the limitations of the miniature – a combination of 1989 plastic technology and 27 years of man-handling (“manchild-handling”?). So to hide the dalrymples I painted some textures: sponge-chipping the armour; fluting on the horns; notching the axe blade; and blood-spatter over the finished piece. I’ve recently become aware that competition painters like different textures on a miniature to provide interest and contrast, and to showcase their skills.

    Judging by the spatter he dealt a nasty axe wound.

    The texture I’m fondest of at the moment is the blood-spats. After a lot of trial and error with a Blood Bowl team recently I’ve hit upon the following method: load up a tiny brush with your blood-effect paint of choice, put it right in front of your lips, and blow. You instantly get realistic spines, satellite spatters, cast-off patterns and other terms I’m just regurgitating from a CSI episode.

    Guess this means he’s the Herald of the ApocaLIPS.
    (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■)
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    Fired out most of a third Ultramarine!

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    i need to follow this thread, love vintage so to speak minis, and i love how you have given them some great paintjobs.

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