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    That are some mighty fine figures you have there. Not only are they extremely well painted, but I love those personal touches like the slogans on the space marines. Makes them very unique I feel.



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    Insane. How long have you been doing this? I am a total noob to this and when I tried myself it was a total disaster :/ probably takes years of practice..

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    Wow the Truthsayer looks great. Love the clean and tidy style.

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    Top-notch work as usual and a really interesting read. I wasn't painting around the time this Wood Elf stuff came out but I love the job you did with the sculpt and learned a lot as usual. Keep the awesome posts coming!

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    Thanks DaBeebs! I really like contrasting old and new miniatures with each other. I've got some Black Legion from Blackstone Fortress here and fiddling with them has made me get the old one-piece metal Renegades out of Slaves to Darkness out the lead mountain and onto the sprayboard.

    Thanks gorb! I'm playing with another skin tutorial at the moment – I want to do dark (human) flesh and purpley (alien) flesh soon.

    Cheers Gino. I really enjoy doing the slogans as it grounds them in the 1980s. And the amount of time I take to paint a mini gives me lots of time to come up with stupid wordplay ideas. Got some jump packs on the go at the moment and I need two more ideas for them before I can get them to photos.

    Unilird – I've been doing this since the mid 1990s. But it doesn't take that long to get good – you just need to surround yourself with people who can give you pointers. I've got some Golden Demon winners and studio professionals in my friendship circles and they're always helping build me up. Love to see some of your stuff (can't see anything in your gallery at the moment).

    FaNkS CyAniDe! Cheers Kuribo!

    For two years now I've entered a turbo-niche Halloween painting competition where entrants have to paint one piece from Citadel Miniatures' insanely characterful Night Horrors or Gothic Horror ranges – the two 1980s ranges designed to support Games Workshop's Call of Cthulhu licence. As last year I painted one half of the classic Citadel LE3 Gumshoe Detectives duo, Bogart, it seemed only right this year to paint his partner – Cagney.

    Bogart and Cagney: 50% Bogart & Bacall, 50% Cagney & Lacey.

    Bogart's moody trenchcoat with upturned collar, one hand in pocket and nonchalant cigarette make him instantly recognisable as a noir detective. However, Cagney was very much a a man in a plain suit (with a gun). He could easily be a mistaken for wedding guest (with a gun), a 1970s newsreader (with a gun), or an estate agent (with a gun). In order to align him with the contest's theme of REAL ULTIMATE EVIL, I thought I'd plough some effort into the base. (Actually, an estate agent is pretty close to REAL ULTIMATE EVIL, so maybe I should have gone in that direction.)

    Newspapers are a shrinking industry.

    The newspaper on the base is a rendition of the Sydney Morning Herald , with the he headline ALERT SUNK is a reference to the Call of Cthulhu story where Cthulhu gets his head rammed over by the steam yacht Alert. (Thanks for coming up with that idea, Michal.) I painted the headline as small as I could on a piece of thin card and then cut it out so I didn't have to worry about the normal freehand space constraints.

    With the newspaper done, I figured I'd model the base as Sydney harbourside. The lapping waves effect were taken from sho3box's Man O'War Nurgle fleet (thanks sho3y). I added a Chaos Spawn tentacle to explain why Cagney's drawn his gun. With that done, I figure he's firmly anchored in the lands of Call of Cthulhu investigator.

    The dynamic duo at a harbourside warehouse rumoured to be focus of cult activity, while two totally normal stevedores go about their totally normal business.

    The LE3 Gumshoe Detectives, while part of the Gothic Horror range, are also part of the numbered limited editions series that Citadel Miniatures pumped out in the late 1980s. I'd like to paint up all twenty five of the codes, and am planning the LE1 Space Orc soon.

    LE2 Space Marine and both LE3 Gumshoe Detectives.

    Gotta think what to do for next year's entry now. The Night Horrors range and Gothic Horrors are chockful of characterful one-off miniatures. Both detectives were resculpted at least twice for rerelease later in the Gothic Horror range, so I'll see if I can track down those. I'm also obsessed by the Doctor Who miniatures that were slightly resculpted and released as Gothic Horror pieces too! Roll on 2019's competition!

    Cagney came first in the competition, meaning I defended my title from last year. Congratulations to the other entrants who got their pieces finished to the deadline, and thanks to Ashley for organised the contest – why not join the group on Facebook yourself?

    In related news, I won a statuette at Golden Demon this weekend, and I'll be publishing the stage-by-stage tutorial on Patreon later this week.

    More of my miniatures at:
    Painting tutorials at:
    My miniatures blog:

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    Golden Demon! Games Workshop’s prestigious painting competition I’ve dreamed about winning since I was an eleven year old boy. Like the Oscars – there’s big statuettes. Like the Nobel Prize – the winners are selected by internationally respected judges. Like the Turner Prize – there’s a no contribution to the actual world of art. It’s the ultimate battleground for miniature painters. And these Sisters of Silence Prosecutors took home the bronze statuette at the Warhammer 40,000 Vigilus Open Day.

    Silence is golden (demon).

    I spent three weeks of hobby time getting these miniatures from sprue to plinth, sweeping all my ongoing projects aside to focus solely on these Sisters. The pressure of an immovable deadline and the harsh scrutiny of the judges meant I pushed myself hard to make the squad’s copper Vratine armour truly shine.

    Prosecutors in early November, broken into sub-assemblies and looking intimidatingly unfinished.

    The Prosecutors are each designed with one fixed pose – your only real choice is the way you point their head. Assembled out of the box, all have their Boltguns held across their chest. Reposing is a challenge, but with lot of cutting, putty and spare arms I opened up three of the poses to make the squad more action-packed.

    Silent. But deadly.

    I was itching to introduce a bit of component variety into the squad, such as a heavy weapon, or a fancypants sword for the Sister Superior, but the Index Imperium wargear options forbade it. To get the squad to (silently) scream “LOOK AT ME” I added a massive banner from Wood Elf Eternal Guard kit. The original detail has been carved off and sanded away so I could paint on my own Adeptus Astra Telepathica designs on both sides.

    “Exigua est virtus praestare silentia rebus, at contra gravis est culpa tacenda loqui.”

    I wracked my brains for a phrase to freehand onto the banner. I considered Latin versions of “Enjoy the Silence” and “Hello darkness my old friend” – but tongue-in-cheekiness didn’t suit these dour space nuns. So I found two high-minded lines in Ovid’s Ars Amatoria which translate as “Slight is the merit on keeping silence on a matter, on the other hand, serious is the guilt of talking on things whereon we should be silent.” I’ll save the Depeche Mode for some goofy Rogue Trader or Blood Bowl nonsense.

    Patterns in the Ivy

    The ivy on the banner was originally a Captain Crooks suggestion. I used swirly ivy creepers on the breechcloths and cloak outsides, and angular ivy leafs on cloak insides. In folklore, ivy is taken into the home to ward off evil spirits much like Sisters are taken in your Imperial force to ward off evil. Aaaaand, ivy is mildly poisonous to humans, in the same way Sisters of Silence and their Pariah gene are psychically unsettling for humans to be around. I’m so happy with the symbolism of the plant that I might spin it out to the iconography of the whole Sisterhood Vigil (equivalent to a Space Marine Chapter), if I do any more. Call them “Crimson Ivy”? Mmm, no, too burlesque. “Ivy League”? Mmm, also no.

    The skullrific bases are from a Shadespire warband (Magore’s Fiends) with their footholes sculpted over. To ground them in the Warhammer 40,000 universe I added a helmet from a Thousand Sons Scarab Occult Terminator.

    Squad Philomela supporting the Nemesis Chapter battlelines.

    Patreon Painting Tutorial

    Last week the Patrons of Ninjabread got access to a detailed stage-by-stage write up of the paints and techniques used to paint the copper armour.

    If you become a supporter today and you’ll get access to this in depth masterclass tutorial, and also the back catalogue that also covers two varieties of Space Marines power armour, and human flesh. Thanks to everyone’s that signed up to date, I’m really enjoying spending the time sharing the secrets.

    Now the competition is over, and the intense focus has ended, I’m enjoying picking at preslotta odds and ends on the painting desk, toying with possible future competition entries. I need to blast through some gaming level paintjobs for a bitand get back to my Space Marine armies over the Christmas break. Watch this space!

    More of my minaitures at:
    Painting tutorials at:
    My miniatures blog:

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    Congratulations on your bronze GD! The Sisters look fantastic. The freehand on the banner is superb.

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    Congrats Curis well deserved they are a grand job

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    Holy Hannah, those things are awesome! Only 3 weeks? Did you sleep, or just go on a binge of plastic, glue, and paint? LOL

    Congrats on the win, it is certainly deserved!

    Now, catch up on that sleep, so you can show us some more awesomeness!

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    Thanks gorb! I learnt a lot doing the banner, and it's great being able to fold that learning back into all future painting.

    Cheers Sigmar3!

    Thanks DaBeebs. Yeah, only three weeks while I was also working full-time. I was helped, admittedly, by my girlfriend being away looking after her gran so I didn't have to do anything other with my evenings than paint.

    It’s Christmas time, so enthusiasm for the ultimate Christmas films – The Lord the Rings Trilogy – has enveloped Ninjabread towers. While binging on DVDs and mince pies, I’ve painted a breakfast (that must be the collective noun) of vintage Games Workshop Hobbits.

    Left to right: BME1 Pippin, Frodo, Sam and Merry.

    These are the four Halflings from the BME1 Fellowship of the Ring boxed set. They’re wonderfully characterful – Frodo with a troubled expression, gazing towards Mordor, rings of his Mithril shirt peeping out from under his sleeves. Sam looks very much the bimbler. Merry and Pippin are the pint-sized action heroes jumping in to defend Frodo with their Barrow-blades.

    Since 2001, Games Workshop’s highstreet stores have sold minis based on the movie trilogy – buuut these aren’t them. In 1985 Games Workshop were selling minis to support Middle-Earth Role Playing (MERP) game. It was a range of a few hundred figures which includes most of the major heroes, villains and troops.

    ME-63 Witch-king of angmar leading a the ME-64 Black Riders.

    I’ve also painted up a selection of Ringwraiths to chase those pesky Hobbits around the countryside. I’ve gone for four repeats of the same pose so they look like they’re advancing in unison, performing a ritualised Hobbit-slaughter like the movie’s Brie and Weathertop scenes. In my mind it works, but in photos they come across a bit dance troupe. More Lord of the Dance than Lord of the Rings. Oh well.

    “I can’t believe you started the conga without me.” – Witch-king of Angmar

    The lines between the Lord of the Rings and Warhammer ranges was blurred, with many Lord of the Rings figures appearing later as part of the Warhammer range after the license expired. I was really excited to discover the Ringwraith miniatures were modified and rereleased as Warhammer Fantasy Empire Wizards.

    Wrecycled Wraith Wizards in 1991’s Citadel Catalogue 2.

    I’d like to find these figures and paint them as the Witch-king of Angmar and the sorcerers of the Second Age as they appeared before Sauron gave them their magic rings. Or maybe as the ghostly forms Frodo sees when he puts on the One Ring. Or maybe actual Warhammer wizards.

    The Hobbits defend themselves from Ringwraiths in the ruins of Weathertop.

    I’ve enough Ringwraiths and Hobbits for several scenarios from the first half of Fellowship of the Ring now, and will spend Christmas recreating the Hobbits getting repeatedly stabbed in various locales of Middle-Earth.

    These Ringwraiths are a great miniature to teach how to paint black cloth with, as it’s 98% of the miniature. Over on Patreon right now is the detailed stage-by-stage write up of the paints, techniques, theory and secrets that you let you learn how to paint black cloth to this style and quality.

    If you become a supporter today you’ll get access to this in-depth masterclass tutorial, and also the back catalogue, which covers last month’s Golden Demon winning entry, two varieties of Space Marines power armour, and human flesh. Thanks to everyone that ha signed up so far this year. Thanks to this month’s new patrons: Liam, Claudia, Daintist, Craig, Dan, Jason, Andrew, John and David.

    I think next I’ll work on some more prey for the Ringwraiths based on the early chapters of the Fellowship – probably the ME-25 Rangers of Ithilien reimagined as the Dunedain secretly defending the Shire, or a Gildor once I’ve worked out a suitable vintage Warhammer Elf. Watch this space! Merry Christmas everbody!

    More of my miniatures at:
    Painting tutorials at:
    My miniatures blog:

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    Congratulations on the demon
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks ten ball!

    It was Christmas 1987, and Games Workshop celebrated the festive season by releasing two limited edition Space Marines (or “Spaced Out Marines” as the advertising called them). I’ve painted the pair for my growing Crimson Fists force.

    Crimson Fists, more like … Crimson Pisseds.

    These castings came thanks to @DocRods – who’s been sending me an absolute surfeit of vintage beakies and 2000AD bits. Thanks Doc! A very merry Christmas to you, more of them appearing painted very soon.

    The Battle Brothers have I FEEL FISTIVE and PUNCH DRUNK graffitied onto their armour.

    The cigar-smoking Space Marine has a wisp of tobacco smoke sculpted onto his cheek, which other painters have misinterpreted as a casting worm to remove, or a facial scar to paint pink.

    “Everyone! Let’s … hic… get (war)hammered!”

    There are two varieties of plastic mk6. backpacks – identical except for the placement of the depressions where they attach to the Marine. One hole is so high up that when mounted on the metal Rogue Trader Space Marines it looks like it’s sliding down his back – but on this one Marine it’s perfect for the drunken dishevelled feel.

    The Crimson Fists stagger back from the Candlemas celebrations. But who-ho-ho is lurking in the woodlands?

    I’ve brought a pile of metal Space Marines away with me, so hopefully it won’t be too long before I can post up some new squads, characters and vehicles. Will 2019 be the year they can reach the critical mass of a workable army?

    More of my miniatures at:
    Painting tutorials at:
    My miniatures blog:

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    Congratulations on the GD win! Sisters look amazing.

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    Thanks eki!

    I love doctors. And I love Space Marines. Put them together, and you get Doctor Space Marines, dispensing healthcare and the Emperor’s justice across the battlefields of the 41st millennium.

    Brother Herophilus on the Nemesis Chapter battlelines.

    Here’s the 2017 Primaris Apothecary alongside his very own primogenitor – the very first Apothecary miniature Games Workshop produced back in 1987. Oh, how far miniature design has come in thirty years.

    “Here child, have this necklace.”

    The Primaris Apothcary is absolutely loaded with so much detail he crosses the line from miniature into micro-diorama. He stands over a fallen Battle Brother, having removed the progenoid glands, and every surface is festooned with details like cannisters, helix motifs, lenses and surgical tools. However, I have become obsessed with one detail – the mysterious skull strapped to his arse.

    “Dad, your bum is looking at me.”

    During the long evenings of painting, I came up with my own backstory about who this skull belonged to…

    “Ultracurses. Thus I die.”

    The Rogue Trader Apothecary came from Rochie of Buried Under Lead. Rochie has converted and painted up this mini already – you should check it out here. Thanks for the gift, Rochie!

    If you’d like to learn how to paint white exactly like this, I took super-detailed stage-by-stage photos on the Ninjabread Patreon, and have written up the method, colours and theory.

    A twelve-step tutorial teaching twelve steps to crisp white armour.

    On top of this tutorial, patrons get instant access to the whole six month back catalogue with five more masterclasses covering other colours of power armour, cloth and my Golden Demon winning piece.

    I’m really keen on collecting more Apothecaries now, and am taken by the idea of one with a Crimson Fists one with a bike or jump pack with “Fist Responder” armour graffiti.

    Brother Rochfort supporting the improvised Crimson Fists defences./

    The sheet-metal walls you can see above are a preview casting of a Fogou Models terrain set that’s coming soon! Keep your eyes peeled!

    Coming soon: even more Space Marines, old and new!

    More miniatures at:
    Painting tutorials at:
    My miniatures blog:

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    Wow, gorgeous work. I'm a sucker for the old beakies.

    Congratulations on the demon, those sisters are amazing. Three weeks? Really? Three weeks? Did you sleep?

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    Love this thread, and the riffs on topics you come up with

    Yes, seems miniature design has come a long way. Mostly because they made them bigger!!!

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    Thanks khavor! It was three weeks. It was a stacked time, and I'd originally started a whole squad of ten plus an attached Inquisitor. Only managed to enter as I scaled it back to five.

    Cheers gorb. Yeah, things always creep up in scale over the decades.

    Back into Tzeentch’s Silver Tower! But this is not just any Silver Tower, this is a Silver Tower stuck in the past – when metal miniatures reigned supreme. I’ve painted six Citadel Tzaangor from 1990 – the greatest of all times. (Ha! Sly goat reference!)

    Left to right: Ougoatlas, Rameses, Lambeses, Hornus, Iry-Horn and Phuroah.

    These are all wonderful Bob Olley sculpts that are packed with weird and flamboyant details like the exotic head-dresses, ornate armour, and bizarre codpieces. Two of the Tzaangor in the range didn’t see release as their obscene helmets were spotted in time. (You can see the notorious unreleased versions at CCM.)

    Tzaangor kidding about in the ruins of a Chaos Temple.

    Tzaangor have “brightly colured or exotically patterned fur” according to Realms of Chaos, so I went for an unnatural turquoise colour. I’m unsure if the combination of bright colours and smiling anthropomorphic animal fuzz pushes them into My Little Pony territory, but hey ho! Their armour is blue and gold to give off an Egyptian-***-Tzeentch vibe, and two have horns in alternating stripes like a pharoah’s head dress. There’s some minor weapon swaps to bring them in line with the Silver Tower game requirements, and one has a Light Acolyte sword to show they’re part of the same force. The Marauder shield with the serpent motif (thanks to Mr. Saturday for sending me them) further echoes the Light Acolytes whose staffs and belts feature a snake motif. Chaos Snakemen will have to be part of this force in the future!

    A herd of bray with a bird of prey.

    That’s twenty-six of the vintage Silver Tower denizens now painted (Skaven here, Acolytes here, Light Wizards here and Horrors here). Now I can convert a classic Ogre into the Ogroid Thaumathurge – watch this space!

    More of my miniatures at:
    Painting tutorials at:
    My miniatures blog:

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    I love those old minis. Your paintjobs are brilliant. Absolutely stunning work.

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    Thanks chaos spawn!

    I normally have a cooling off period before I buy new Games Workshop releases, as every miniature is turbo-exciting on first reveal and owning all of them is impossible. But the new Genestealer Cult Locus is such an instant classic he was not only pre-ordered but jumped to the front of the painting queue.

    The sentinel-like pose, with him resting nonchalantly on his weapon in a set of long hooded robes, is one of Citadel Miniatures’ time-honoured sculpting tropes. Chaos Dwarf Khazek Doomlord, Human Wizard Pedregar the Green and one Champion of Tzeentch have also appeared with it. There’s a cheeky little Genestealer tail poking out under the robes’ hem which tells you he’s more than human, and when you get round the back there’s a set of carapace ridges that make you wonder about what generation of Hybrid he is.

    The shoulderpads I painted with a little Cult icon and a W so when you look at the miniature from above it spells out “CW” – my initials.

    Not the actual Broodlord, but certainly the Lord of Looking Brooding.

    Here he is on an advance casting of the Scrap Fort from Fogou Models, which is my ongoing major terrain project at the moment. I’ll be showing off the complete fort soon, and maybe using it as a rationale for growing the Genestealer Cult (can’t have just one Locus knocking about in such a large fort on his own).

    As the Locus is 95% robes, he’s a great miniature for teaching the technique for painting cloth. The purple uses a “wet-blending” method that’s been photographed between stages from all angles and written up clearly and comprehensively, breaking down the theory, technique and colours used.

    8 simple steps to perfect purple cloth.

    It’s my seventh instalment in the Patreon tutorial series that’s proved really popular. Big thanks to last month’s new patrons Craig, John, Steve, Ben, Jason, David, Toby, Jamie, Victor, Dimitrios, André, Alan, Brian, Alexander and Philipe.

    The Genestealer Cult range is dripping with great models, from homages to the original Rogue Trader range (the Nexos), and new character types (like the Locus and the Kelermorph) which mean my Cult will inevitably grow. Though I might take an oldskool detour with the vintage 1980s Throned Patriarch and some Bob Olley Hybrids. Watch this space!

    More of my miniatures at:
    Painting tutorials at:
    My miniatures blog:

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    wow the gene stealer looks awesome! really nice work on a nice mini.


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