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    I've got three major themes to what I'm painting at the moment – Rogue Trader space pirate types, oldskool Warhammer Fantasy Chaos and Dark Age Historicals. I've got this thread as a place to keep track of what's on the go and how long it's been WIP.

    These are the Rogue Trader space pirates currently WIP on the painting desk. These are a mix of Citadel, Cobalt-1, Crooked Dice and Colony 87 miniatures. I treat them all as individuals, though hope they'll hang together in a loose group for games and standing next to each other in the cabinet. It's very liberating painting things that aren't going to be a big army of identical figures in identical schemes – as you can constantly experiment without having to go back and repaint anything finished previously. Watching a lot of the Expanse lately, and reading Rogue Stars, and it's really feeding my imagination.

    Most recently I finished this old old Ironclaw chap. I love painting these old Bob Olley sculpts – you get lost in the flowing detail of the cloth and facial features. Though I appreciate they're an acquired taste.

    Go on, give him a vote.

    Back in November 2014 I started a collection of Late imperial Romans. They're very subtle, realistic Perry sculpts from Wargames Foundry. Struggling to work out shield designs at the moment that ground them in Roman Britain in the Late Imperial period and is interesting to paint.

    I have just this week though finished one of the character figures! He is Late Imperial, though his armour style makes him look Early Imperial / Greek.

    Vote for this chap on CMoN.

    I've also been painting up an eclectic mix of Warhammer Fantasy Chaos figures at the moment. Here's a Marauder Chaos Thug, Mantic Hobgoblin, Citadel Chaos Warrior and Wargames Foundry Time-Warped Wizard. They're gonna be for Age of Sigmar, Frostgrave, Dragon Rampant and allsorts.

    Most recently I finished this Ramshackle Games cleric holding an old hammer miniature. I did a headswap with an old Citadel Judge Dredd.

    Vote for him too.
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    Some Great classic minis! Excellent painting also
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    YOu do some very wonderful painting.


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    Awesome old school minis getting some well deserved loving.

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    These are some really cool minis Curis! I'm a big fan of Roman History and you've painted those Perry Miniatures really well. That isn't to take away from anything else in this thread either, all of these minis look great. I look forward to seeing what shield design you go with for the Romans and whatever projects you tackle in the future!

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    Thanks for the comments guys! Kuribo – I've tried several designs so far for the Romans, buy they end up looking like Amazon tribal designs weirdly. I'll nail it one day.

    I've just finished the Mantic Goblin thing I had in the starter post! He's been painted with fire-motif robes as he will be joining my warband as one of Clyro Burns' assistant sorcerers.

    This miniature is out of production, which is weird as I still think of Mantic Games as the new kids on the block and not a venerable old company with the luxury of retiring its older offerings. Time flies. Only yesterday I was horrified to be told it was my tenth Twitter anniversary. Next thing you know I'll be off to a field to drink cider and watch Fairport Convention unironically.

    In 2016 I had a weekend of Frostgrave gaming looming and was desperate for fully painted figures. I quickly rebased a Ruglud's test miniature and slipped him in with my Chaos Thugs with a matching shield. It established a precedent, and I'm now seeing what other greenskins I can paint as part of this multiculti force.

    Though I'm working on these guys with Dragon Rampant in mind, I'm wondering how to get them onto an Age of Sigmar battlefield. Kairic Acolytes is my current best bet, but their compulsory weapon options don't make them a perfect fit. Suggestions welcome!

    Clyro Burns and his acolytes in the City of False Idols.
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