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    I started off the LE02 Imperial Space Marine model.

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    Very nice smurf- I mean, start! Very nice start!
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Very cool, defiantly some neat and tidy work!

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    I painted my first Primaris Space Marine! He’s Nemesis Chapter – an Ultramarines successor chapter with origins in the dark days of the Horus Heresy.

    Sergeant Glaucon, 2nd Battle Company, 3rd Squad, Nemesis Chapter. His banner reads ΝΕΜΕΣΙΣ – “nemesis” in Greek capitals.

    This Intercessor Sergeant, from Games Workshop’s Dark Imperium starter set, is largely indistinguishable from the squad he leads. Traditionally, Space Marine sergeants have a different weapon configuration (something Napoleonic like pistol and swords), bare heads and big banners to mark them out. I originally finished painting the mini, but was uneasy with how he looked alongside the rest of the squad. Only thing to distinguish him was the helmet being red.

    The eagle-eyed amongst you will also spot the checks added to his right pauldron since this photo was taken.

    So I added a dirty great banner. This one is from the Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought, which matches the swollen proportions of the 2017 Space Marine iteration. Here’s Glaucon next to some classic Space Marines with flags to show the scale creep over the last 30 years.

    Left to right: 1987 Blood Angel; 2013 Ultramarine; 2017 Nemesis Marine.

    Yeah yeah, I know you’re gonna say “Marines got swole cos of Guilliman’s super-seed”, but I reject your fluff-lead view of Games Workshop’s miniatures and state flatly that Primaris is the new de facto Space Marine and is directly comparable to the other two Marines above. Nurrr.

    Glaucon leading his little brothers from Ultramarines Squad Varenus.

    The Dark Imperium box is overwhelming with the amount of Marines in it, and I’m going to trick myself into thinking it’s one of the smaller starter sets so I’m making better progress through the purchased model pile. Next off – the rest of the Intercessor squad!

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    great job I look at the starter sets and If I have not had enough after the snap fit ones I will go nuts and get a boxed set too I think. Great work on the primaris really looks sweet!

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    Lovely nice and clean
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Thanks Canny! Boxed set ones look a treat with all the options.

    Thanks Zab!

    Been working on a Dark Ages church! This is one of my Salute purchases that's finally getting some love. 1st Corps piece, massive hunk of resin.

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    that will be fun. you could try some oil paint for weathering I've been meaning to try that on the scenery.

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    That's a good idea, Canny! I've not tried any of those tank-style weathering techniques.

    The Citadel Miniatures Chaos Thug range is melting pot of influences and ideas. Unlike Games Workshop’s modern Chaos Marauders, who are uniformly bearded barbarians, the classic Thug range had odd chaps with mullets, Saracen-flavoured archers and even stray ninjas.

    Hot as thuggery.

    It makes the individual Thugs fun to paint, as they’re each full of unique details. The mullet man has a pair of horns poking out his hairstyle. The archer has a leering face kneepad. All three have plumped for asymmetrical trousers.

    The ninja has a ninja throwing knife for stealth kills, but today he’s chosen to fight with the less subtle morning star. Maybe he wields that stealthily too, assassinating targets with a silent swing of the massive spiky ball.

    Pazyryk Banefire’s Thugs sacking the town of Æbbe’s Hill.

    Having a single archer in the otherwise-melee unit slightly bothers me, but given the chaotic appearance of the the unit I can cope with it in games of Age of Sigmar and Dragon Rampant. The mix of troop types also gives me a nice selection of models to pick for Frostgrave. In time he will split off to found a Chaos Thug mob with bows, made up of a mix of the Battle Masters plastic Chaos Thug and the chunky punky Marauder Chaos Thug range from the early 1990s.

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    I started a Roboute!

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    Nice and clean mini painting here, look forwards to see this new model develop.

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    well there is a lot of frills on him! what are your thoughts about tackling him, colours mmm etc?

    do you think they will bring the wolf primach back too?

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    Such clean, neat painting. I hate to say I can actually remember when the first blood angels space marine in your pic was released....and I got some.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bullfrog View Post
    Such clean, neat painting. I hate to say I can actually remember when the first blood angels space marine in your pic was released....and I got some.
    haha bullfrog, that beaky in the pic was the very first mini I ever owned and friend gave it to me when he got the game, brand new... I still have it unpainted in a box...
    and I agree some exceptional paint work in this thread Curis!!!

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    I'd be breaking GW's non-disclosure agreements if I told you about any future Primarch miniatures they may or may not be releasing, Canny.

    I've got a dilemma about Roboute, to be honest. On the one hand I want to paint him in an Ultramarines Blue, as I am slowly collecting and painting the iconic Ultramarines characters like Marneus Calgar, and I have a small collection of Ultramarines. But then, having put all that effort into painting him everyone will have seen Roboute in blue a thousand times over and won't give it a second look. People will just gloss over and scroll past it.

    On the other hand, I could paint him in the dark turquoise of my Nemesis Chapter. That would make people stop and look. And I could justify it because Nemesis Chapter were part of hte original Ultramarines Legion in the olden days. It would fit with the army I'm painting at the moment too.

    Decisions decisions!

    The beakie marines are iconic, CC! I remember seeing them in the Space Wars combat cards when I was a wee lad and thinking they were really cool medieval knights with guns.

    Thanks for all the comments!
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    Friar Tuck, legendary tonsured companion of Robin Hood, joins my miniatures collection.

    “Praise the Lord! And pass the tax rebate!”

    Friar Tuck was an impulse purchase whilst acting as Nottingham cultural attaché for visiting family members. Warlord Games (a Nottingham company) have a small range of Heritage Miniatures they’ve slipped into local tourist spots like the the National Justice Museum and Nottingham Tourism Centre. I quite enjoyed making my turbo-nerd purchase in a regular retail outlet – it’s like being able to buy Dungeons & Dragons in the same place as your milk and morning papers.

    “If Curis has seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giant Robin Hood statues.”

    Tuck’s base was originally built up with sand to accommodate the cast-on scenic base. But the original sculpted base features what looks like a little tombstone with FRIAR TUCK engraved on it, which I thought implies he’s the friar that’s just buried Friar Tuck, or alternatively Friar Tuck’s ghost. That was too much narrative for me. So I chopped it off.

    Friar Tuck in the Monastery of Abingdon.

    The basing style matches my Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, and not my Citadel Normans. Tuck is too big to stand alongside the older 1980s Perry sculpts, plus friars are anachronistic in Norman times. But then friars are anachronistic in the classic Robin Hood setting of Richard the Lionheart. I plan to paint some monks/friars/priests that are compatible with my Normans.

    Cool ending tangent fact: – the Friar Tuck action figure from the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves toyline was based on the Star Wars Gamorrean Guard?
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    Got some crates for sci-fi terrain and some Late Imperial Romans on the sprayboard!

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    Necromunda’s just been re-rereleased, and there’s a piece of art floating around in White Dwarf and Warhammer Community that doesn’t correspond to any of the miniatures released yet, but is a lovely call back to a couple of 1980s classics.

    Necromunda Mauretania makes all her decisions on the hoof.

    The hoofed mad-haired Amazon in stockings is a leitmotif Games Workshop trot out occasionally – much like female miniatures. Let’s chart a quick family tree.

    John Blanche’s Amazonia Gothique on the cover of White Dwarf 79 (July 1986).

    This piece of art was made into the LE15 Kinky Chaosette miniature released a couple of months afterwards. The version on the left was a conversion by John Blanche himself, rather than a commercially available miniature. I’d love to know where the gun component came from.

    White Dwarf 82 Amazonia Gothique miniatures (October 1986).

    The Amazon with a gun concept did appear as a commercially available miniature a couple of years later, sporting a paint scheme very similar to the John Blanche conversion. She’s an Amazon, but she’s in space.

    RT601 Space Amazon Adventurers, White Dwarf 99 (March 1988).

    This Space Amazon turns up in those exact same colours, zebra stripe, leopard spots, piebald cow blobs in the John Blanche art compilation a year later. Sto’Knor Macekiller has painted his copy to match this, right down to the polka dot neckerbow.

    Space Amazon by John Blanche, from Ratspike (1989).

    Flashing forward to 2017, past some other possible miniature incarnations of the Amazon, and the cheeky nostalgia monkeys at Games Workshop re-relaunch Necromunda with this character popping up in the promotional art teasers.

    Interestingly, I think the yellow patterns on her armour are meant to evoke the shape of the shield from the original Amazonia Gothique. I hope we see a miniature based on the this concept! Until then, I have painted the Rogue Trader incarnation based on the new (and the original) artwork.

    Mauretania and the Claw Nebula pirates in the Jericho Ironworks on Necromunda.

    The next episode of Choose Your Own Adventurers will be brought to you be sho3box.
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    I mounted a load more 6mm Romans onto old sprues for ease of batch-painting. There are enough here to represent a century.

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    James over at Gonzo History is running a competition inspired by Gary Gygax’s antics designing the original D&D monsters. Legend goes that young Gary, looking for fantasy monsters to populate his dungeons, got a bag of cheap plastic monsters from Hong Kong and made up names and rules, bringing Rust Monsters, Bulletes and Owlbears to life for the first time. James’ challenge is to do the same and win fabulous magic prizes.

    The competition rules I took to heart were:

    - Find something cheap and nasty and plastic. Not any of this blog’s regular finely-detailed fodder, but something entirely unsuitable for real miniature modelling. (“Did you try company X‘s miniatures?” you could snark.)
    - Reinvent it as something different. It’s a challenge about creating a fresh iconic monster. No point finding a cheap plastic toy dragon and painting it to be a … dragon.
    - It’s explicitly not a modelling or painting challenge, so don’t expect to win with technical excellency.

    Presenting the Great Wight Shark:

    Putting the “soul” in sole fish.

    This monster started life as a free gift with some CBBC kids magazine. I was initially drawn to it because of the armour-plated head, which I thought could be transformed into a cool fantasy fish-helmet. I also thought I could sculpt a samurai armour visor on top and make it into an Oriental Knightfish. But then I realised the toy was not just green but GLOW IN THE DARK. Rather than squander this gimmick under putty and paint I decided to harness it to portray a fish spectre.

    She’s a shark, and she glows in the dark.

    I added bloodsplatter to create visual interest, and also to attach it to a gaming base. There’s a steel pin running through the bark base through the bottom jaw of that I’ve disguised as blood dripping out its maw and running off the lowest point of its chin.

    Here are the stats, 1st edition Monster Manual style:


    FREQUENCY: Uncommon
    ARMOUR CLASS: 5/10
    MOVE: 15″
    HIT DICE: 5
    % IN LAIR: 10%
    SPECIAL DEFENSES: Silver or magic weapons to hit
    ALIGNMENT: Neutral
    SIZE: L

    The Great Wight Shark is an undead giant plate-skinned fish, existing on the normal and negative material planes. They are found haunting the places where their inshore waterways once were – where lakes have dried up or rivers have changed course over time.

    Great Wight Sharks will attack if their territory is invaded, and can work cooperatively in packs of up to six to hunt prey. Their semi-material jaws, originally for punching through the thick shells of freshwater prey, can penetrate even a knight’s plate armour. Great Wight Sharks have heavily armoured heads and thick thoracic shields with an armour class of 5, though they are very vulnerable to attacks to their fleshy hindquarters where their armour class is 10.

    Commonly sighted with other aquatic undead species including Stingwraiths, Ethery Eels, Kelpie Kelp, Tadpoltergeists and Vampiranhas.

    A Great Wight Shark ambushing along the ancient path of the Garradsbane River.

    Great Wight Sharks are unable to leave the bounds of their prehistoric waterways, which will at first be indistinguishable from regular land. However, the boundaries past which the sharks can’t move can be worked out with clues such as the ruins of old bridges, old maps, or baiting them and seeing how far they pursue.

    Great Wight Sharks are unable to leave the bounds of their prehistoric waterways, which will at first be indistinguishable from regular land. However, the boundaries past which the sharks can’t move can be worked out with clues such as the ruins of old bridges, old maps, or baiting them and seeing how far they pursue.

    Shouts out to contest sponsors Chaotic Henchmen Productions, Oakbound Studios, Otherworld Miniatures, Grant Howitt and of course Monster Man.
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