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    ​Love your posts! And your minis!

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    The Crimson Fists are getting reinforcements, hand over fist. My 1980s Rogue Trader Space Marine grows with the addition of another 5-man Tactical Squad composed of vintage metal and plastic Citadel Miniatures from another era.

    Squad Huerta, ready to put the huert on.

    To my amazement and envy, in the time taken to finish this second squad of Battle at the Farm Crimson Fists, Nico has painted every Crimson Fist for the scenario, plus he’s modelled an evocative scenic base, plus he’s painted all the Orks and – if that wasn’t enough – some Ork reinforcements. I feel like Falcon running round the park and being lapped repeatedly in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

    Freehand & Crimson Fist Icons

    Again I had some fun adding freehand chapter icons and armour graffitti to the squad. “THE TRUTH HUERTS” is just punning off the Sergeant’s name. “INFINITE PLASMA” is a reference to the Battle at the Farm scenario, which Zhu points out gives the Space Marines unlimited Plasma Missiles (as they normally cost 1 point each, it technically means the Marines outclass the Orks by INFINITY POINTS).

    I now need to paint a second Missile Launcher so I can reference Elton John’s Rocket Man.

    “FOR NOW WE SEE BUT THRU A SCANNER DARKLY” on the Marine with scanner is a 1 Corinthians 13:12 / Philip K. Dick reference simply because he’s holding a scanner. “FIST OR FAMINE” is from my handy stockpile of fist-based puns. It’s a treat at the end of the painting process to choose some scrawly handwriting to give the battle-brothers an additional touch of the Rogue Trader era

    Crimson Fists Grand Plan

    To fit in to my planned 1,000 points (using the Whitescars army list from the Book of the Astronomican) the five Space Marines come out as:


    1 Marine Champion [9], Power Glove [15], Bolt Hun [2]
    26 POINTS

    3 Marines [3*8], 3 Bolt Guns [3*2] and 3 Frag Grenades [3*1]
    33 POINTS

    1 Marine [8], Missile Launcher [30], 12 Plasma Missiles [12] Targeter [5], 2 Suspensors [2*2]

    Basic Equipment (all models): Bolt Pistol [1.5], Knife [0], Powered Armour [6] (with Communicator [0.5], Respirator [0.5], Auto-senses[0.5])
    45 POINTS


    Here are the two squads in action alongside each other, with a sneaky eleventh Citadel Miniature tucked away somewhere … can you spot it?

    Squads Huerta and Onan fighting in the ruins of Blas in the Gallego system.

    Crimson Fists Painting Tutorial

    I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I paint Crimson Fists, so I photographed a Marine inbetween each step of the blue power armour process.

    If you want to see these steps broken down, with the techniques and theory behind them spelt out the tutorial is available on Patreon. The skills you’ll learn are transferable to all colours of power armour.

    Coming soon – more vintage Crimson Fists to creep the army closer to game legal.

    More of my miniatures at:
    Tutorials at:
    My miniatures blog:

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    I am so obsessed with your collection of goodies.

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