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Thread: What's up with Hadross?

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    Default What's up with Hadross?

    So the Guerilla Miniature Games guys have been playing some WoK on Youtube and it looked pretty cool, very...Exalted (if you play RPGs) in aesthetic. I somehow ended up buying the Hadross starter because jellyfish warriors. Duh.

    I don;t however know much about how they actually play. The website gives some vagaries about being defensive and getting better as the game goes on but what does that mean in actual play in the current 'meta'?

    What are the models i should be paying attention to in my armies? Any conbos that stand out? Why are these good?


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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilDave View Post
    These are pretty comprehensive for the original releases:
    thank you. Has much changed with the new releases or the big errata?

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    Most of the changes are little more than you now have to use the resinate token to get the ability. The sharks will have changed the most. Thr jellies now can't shift without someone to attack.

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