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    It blows my mind a little but it looks like Soda Pop has started doing chibi WW2 figures/tanks
    They even strait ripped-off Rivet Wars' logo font

    Too bad the figures don't really match but it looks like the tanks probably will
    Plus it seems that they have plans for further expansion- which is already ahead of Rivet Wars right?

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    I don't see a game just figures.

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    That's pretty awesome. They are adorable. I wouldn't say they would fit with Rivet Wars but I hope they expand. I also agree with the above, I don't see any gameplay, looks like just miniatures. Might be able to fit them in as special units or something. Maybe Rivet vs Guts, a trans-dimensional cross over!
    ~Lieutenant Nathaniel Flint of the Landship Scorpios

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    Yeah. Looks like no game to go with them. Just figs "For the collector, wargamer, hobbyist and for use in your favorite tabletop board games and battle games that feature historical troops and tanks from the second world war."

    Definitely in the ballpark, even if a little more "realistic" than Rivet's "wierd war" Diesel/steampunk style.

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    Rivet wars gives you the complete framework. I love these but you would probably have to modify, perhaps heavily, any wargame rules to work with these units. Still I may grab a set and try painting them. I have a lot of rivets to do Four base sets and three of everything else.

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    Dont like them at all, just look like normal models with massive heads rather than a chibi style.

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    There are no rules being released, and no game designed around the figures...

    Thy seem a bit pointless to me.

    An easy pass..

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    Depends on your interests. I could see using them for a WWII version of Rivet Wars, or a chibi style Bolt Action or Flames of War. Maybe you've thought up a WWII mini wargame, and want figures for it. There's certainly a market for them, but they don't drive it themselves.

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