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    I played the original Z'cide with large groups and also solitaire. How is Black Plague as a solitaire game?

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    I think it plays very well solo. I run 6 characters. The thing that keeps it interesting is the first player coin. You still use the coin, but it moves through the characters you are playing just like a full player game.


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    There's no First Player Coin while playing solo. This coin is only for players, not for survivors, and as the rule book says: each player activates his survivors as he please, so it's easier playing solo as you activates every survivor in the order you prefer. This helps a lot while some survivors are better fighting against hordes and others moving between them.

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    Well, that is true the way the rules work as written. When I play with six players or play solo, I use the first player coin. I like the challenge of having to solve the round as if there are six players. To me it feels too easy to be able to pick a character at random because he of she has the needed weapon at the time. If there are six players, you don't have that option, you are restricted by the first player coin and then moving clockwise. That makes a really tough game and forces more cooperation between the players.

    My appologies for misquoting the text of the rules. Your quote is correct. I still recommend using the first player coin, no matter how many players, as if there are six players.


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    Yeah, it's a nice challenge with the coin, you could even get the order of activation with a die, so you actually coulnt know which survivor goes after the last you activated.

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    I actually like the idea of using the first player marker... I have never done it that way while playing solo. Fortunately, due to the fluidity and simplicity in way Zombicide Black Plague runs it lends itself well to solo play. For social reasons I do prefer company but I really like playing with 1 or 2 players running multiple survivors.
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    Even when two of us are running three characters each, we still use the coin and move it clockwise to the next character. It really adds to how you need to plan out your moves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 45thdiv View Post
    Even when two of us are running three characters each, we still use the coin and move it clockwise to the next character. It really adds to how you need to plan out your moves.
    Yeah, I like this concept and used the coin when playing solo. The first time playing Black Plague, the game sponsor had two of us playing two characters and we were allowed to activate anyway we want....it just felt wrong.

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    Zombicide could be played SOLO anytime, but miss the havok of several players doing bad choices trying to survive
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    That is true. When I get the chance, I do like to play with at least 4 or more players. It's always interesting the choices that are made. I'm usually the first to die. Poor luck with card draws and rolling. Then I play the zombies. :-)

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    I mostly play solo at home. Sometimes the kids will join in part way and I let them. I will do 4 players and add another when someone gets a level. I do this up to six.

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    I have played solo quite a bit, and Tabletop Simulator has a really good ZBP + Wulfsburg mod if you want to play a game and don't feel like doing all that setup and teardown.

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    I've only played Black Plague and Wulfsburg solitaire. At first, I used the first player token and adhered to clockwise activation process for my Survivors. After a few games, I stopped using it and when free-form activation. Both approaches are engaging to implement.

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