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    Default Mirparx try to improve


    my name is Mirko, and I occasionally paint.
    I would now like to take it more seriously, so I need your help to improve.
    This is a WIP of a maifaux piece, and these are 4-5 hours of painting :

    Name:  WhatsApp Image 2017-08-11 at 09.16.55.jpeg
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    It is still WIP, I would like to add some blood on the arms and maybe on his mouth too, and do some little final touch on the skin.

    C&C are really welcome.


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    Nice work. Keep practicing on your brush control to get the edges as neat and tidy as possible.
    Make sure you prep all the gaps will filler. ( top of arm)
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    All looks quite good to me Mirparx.

    Blends are quite smooth and the clothing seems to be highlighted well. I'd think perhaps about pushing the skin a bit brighter, but aside form that great work!
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    Thanks all for your comments, I will try to keep them in mind. I have another one to paint tonight

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    Skin's looking good. Nicely layered and very naturally toned
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    Name:  received_10214031033309701.jpeg
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    Still WIP

    Some work done on the top, still need to do paints, hair base, derails...

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    Colors are pretty good, but there is some clean up needed like the sleave to skin transition on his left arm.

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    Here you have my latest mini

    Name:  IMG_20170824_231515.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20170824_231523.jpg
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    Somehing to review/re-touch on the face at least.

    Sorry for not having properly cleaned these mini I've poster. These are mini I primed some time ago ( more than 1 year ) and had them with me during my holiday, but not tools to propely clean/fill gaps etc.. So I've painted what I had.
    I will take more care about it in the next ones.


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    A completely different subject
    Name:  IMG_20170912_001904.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20170912_001847.jpg
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    Old style zombie for my BB necro team.
    Some experiments on zombie skin and rust.
    Quite happy with the results so far
    Shout, scream.... In your nightmare....
    We're all so happy
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    Second zombie on the workbench

    Name:  IMG_20170919_013019.jpg
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    The sculpt does not make it easy ... But I like old style teams. A bit nostalgic

    Sorry for the bad picture....
    Shout, scream.... In your nightmare....
    We're all so happy
    ( The Dance Society - We're all so happy )

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