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Thread: Help needed : skin tones

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    Default Help needed : skin tones

    Hi guys, starting a new thread as I need help on something specific, Skin tones

    I am continuing my Imperial Assault minis, and currently working on Han and Luke.

    When doing the skin, I just can't get it right. When I highlight the base color, it just looks really pale, almost Zombie-like... I then apply a Vallego skin wash to bring back some color, but its still not great and stays pale.

    When I work from a darker skin base color and build it up, the dark skin base color just makes the lighter skin - pinkish color look... greyish. Its just horrible and I end up redoing the whole face.

    I read a few guides about skin painting in particular, but something is just not working with my colors.


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    What colors do you use? Based on your problem it looks like VMC-Basic Skintone or something very similar.

    For skin I used a lot the following:
    - P3 Midlund Flesh (about the same as VMC-BeigeRed)
    - Wash with ArmyPainter-GryphoneSepia (GW-Sepia/Flesh wash would be the same)
    - clean up with Midlund Flesh
    - simply highlighted with mix of base and P3 Ryn Flesh (about the same as VMC-LightFlesh or VGC-ElfFlesh), then pure P3-Ryn
    - finally added some extra shadows with a VGC-DarkFlesh glaze.

    pretty quick, so not much of a hassle even when painting many figures.

    some results:
    or with a lot more care and more intermediate steps:
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    wow, thanks ! i don't have so many paints, mostly Vallejo basic sets...

    i'll look at what I have at home and let you know.

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    So I've managed to improve my technique a bit on this guy for my Silver Tower heroes.

    I am pretty proud how it turned out and it wasn't that difficult to do for a tabletop quality figure.

    Let me know what you think

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    Name:  finished bloodpriest 3.jpg
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    Skin tones are much better. I would try to sand or shave off the mold lines on the figures though. They are quite prominent and its the first thing that my eyes are drawn to.

    Looking forward to future updates.

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    Yes the mold lines did not appear to me until I had done some painting. I do spend some time normally trimming them down but didn't see them here before priming...

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