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    Hi everyone,

    I just started painting a few months ago. Just wanted to upload some of my work on CMON for C&C. I know its far from the best work around but I hope to get some advice to improve.
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    This is Bossy from Zenit Miniatures done yesterday.

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    they look good.

    But try to take some more time preparing them. I know the orphans are a b*tch to clean up (painted them too), but every little irregularity shows and the minis on your pic (also those I painted) have an awful lot of problems to be cleaned/fixed before painting can begin.

    To be honest because of the size and all the best is to paint them with washes only on a white primer (except for the skin / metals, they need a basecoat).
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    Thanks MAXXXxxx,

    Do you have finished photos of yours? I am really interested to see and learn some cleaning methods. Do i only remove the mold lines and create holes and gaps when there is a need to. Also, do i do it before the priming or after? thanks for the advice

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    Not the best example as:
    - I wanted to paint them quickly for a demo
    - saw too late, that I missed a lot of mould-lines and other, which made me even less enthusiastic about painting them properly. In general I wasn't happy about how much prep work they would have needed.

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    What's needed to do (all before priming):
    - remove ALL mould lines
    - sand the arms/parts lightly. Foe example the arms look blocky without it, should be a rounder form
    - gap-filling at joins
    - for zenith minis my biggest problem was the surface, it's not smooth enough, so you'd need to sand it or use a milliput wash to make it smoother
    - could be helpful: and
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    Thanks MaXXxxx,

    I will take your advice into account for my next models. I love the looks on your models to be honest.

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    Taken a look at your gallery. Really inspiring stuff there. Let me see if I can pick up a thing or two from you.

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    Welcome to the madness. You may want to read some of the photography posts as their is a lot of shade in your photos that makes it hard to give feed back...and don't feel bad about it as most of us struggle with the photography aspects.


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