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    The new zombie orcs hit for 2 damage, and the fatties for 3. Anyone think that wipes are going to be more frequent? This is going to make sticking together much more important for sure. Are there some things we haven't seen that will mitigate damage? A fatty can one shot a lone survivor. That is terrifying.

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    That's the reason they talk about "A game of hide and seek" during the campaign. With the water and bushes, there would be always the option to not fight and run away with out been chase by the hordes. But of course there'll be always times where there'll be no other option than fight.
    As i've been watching, it looks like the spawn cards are the same (same ratio, different art), and they still have the same resistance to be kill, so i don't think it'll be a great risk to fight, except for extra activations wich now could really mean death.

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    I am really looking forward to the way this plays! I am inclined to agree with Demohnj00... that fatty sounds pretty intimidating. I can't wait to get my copy so I can review the equipment and read through the rule set.
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