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    Hey guys,

    I'm pretty new to these parts, but have been doing the hobby for years. I did this recent piece for a local competition. Thought it came out pretty decent, but wanted to put on different wings (which I have now), and add in more of a splash on the top. This was my first big display piece and first time using clear resin in this capacity.

    Looking at winners of the Crystal Brush, I see I can really get back in and shadow/highlight even more. Maybe put some demonic tribal tattoos on him or whatnot.

    Let me know your thoughts. I took progress images if you guys want to see. This was a ton of fun, and am working on another now!
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    Welcome and great work. Like you say pushing the shadows and highlights will increase the contrast.
    contrast for the win!
    The base has a lot going on for me.
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks, I wanted to tell a story within the piece. The resin wasn't playing nice and neither was the "clear" gel in top. Was a ton of fun, and a good deal of work though. The base came out great, even though the resin in top didn't set rigjt

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    Hi Vengence,

    welcome here, your piece is fantastic!

    What I would add is slightly! tinting some of the stones with brown, red, green and blue, some color variation would make it more lifelike.

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    Nice work. I agree that you could push some contrasts a bit more, as well as some further detail on the wings.

    One thing that jumped out at me (correct me if I'm wrong) but it looks like the dead marine at the foot of the demon, has an unpainted skull for a head.

    Looking forward to your next work.

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    Yeah, it's a marine who's been ripped apart. His head is a burnt skull, but when I was poring the resin, I rested the top altar on the pouring box. The heat of resin melted the glue holding the box, and the altar fell in, covering the skull Marine with resin and making it look unfinished.
    The whole piece is on display at the local store, but when I get it back I think I'm going to remove that figure and maybe replace with another.

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    The bubbles are great! Are they a happy accident, or did you somehow get them in there on purpose?

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    Although I'd like to say they were intentional, they were happy accidents. I didn't intend to have so many, but as anyone who's worked in clear resin knows, it's sometimes a crapshoot. I chased all the bubbles out when I poured it, but around the 10 minute mark, the resin got to extremely hot levels and melted my box around it. It then resulted in a crapload of air bubbles!
    thanks for seeing them as a positive!

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    Yeah, I love 'em! They put a lot of movement in the water, without them only the surface would have been active, but now the whole sea seems to boil. I really hope the splashes will clear up over time, they usually do.

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