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Thread: For sale: NIB Ilyad, Rackham, Studio McVey etc.

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    Default For sale: NIB Ilyad, Rackham, Studio McVey etc.

    Prices are suggestions


    Images of the miniatures ( most of them at least - I hope):

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    Very interested in you ilyad games miniatures, PMed.

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    Hi, I would be interested in:
    - Ar Fienel
    - JMD Demonette (I have a spare clawed hand I wanted to use )
    - 'big kit' (can't really make out the content based on the pics, but 70mm + females for 10 euro, I'll risk it)
    also sent a PM
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    The Ilyad barbarians are of course popular and I have received some generous offers but yet to get the price suggestions (based on ebay).

    So see the prices in the spreadsheet as "buy it now" and I will accept offers until Sunday.


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