Looking to sell or trade the below confrontation for Wrath of Kings Hadross models. All prices do not include shipping and I can send pics of any of the models, just send me your email. None of the models have ever seen paint or primer. If you have any other questions, just ask and i will get back to you asap. Thanks for looking

Clan Mid-Nor box(NIB) $100
Hydra warriors(OB, two base worked on) $20
Kelzaral the Diabolical (bare metal, based worked on)$10
The Chimera(NIB)$45
Agent of the Chimera(Open Blister)$12
Familiar of earth(Open Blister, missing one model)$8
Danu Warriors #1&#3(Bare metal, no spasm warriors)$6

Circle Satyr(Bare plastic cut off sprue, all 3 options) $25

Red Box Games Miniatures
Black Armand(Bare metal) $6
Grim Garret(Bare metal) $6

Wrath of Kings Hadross
Wrath of Kings Goritsi - Domani Mesmer(female vampires only)

Confrontation Acheron
Morbid puppets #1-3
Janos the banished