Hey guys. With BF1 weeks away from releasing their massive Russian Front expansion "In the Name of the Czar", I thought it would be cool to think about cool ideas we'd like to see out of Western Front. I had a few ideas based off of the BF1 expansion that I think is likely we'll end up seeing. I thought it might be fun to talk about them and think of some ideas of what to expect.

Cavalry- I think we've already seen the new Ruska Union troops are going to be heavily cavalry based. With the addition of the Ruska Hussars, Polska Lancers, Bear Cavalry Fedor Ursus, I think there'll be plenty to field against the enemy. I think this will make them a rather aggressive faction, almost a mix of Allied and Blight. Reliant on tough cavalry to quickly make their way up and hold back enemy infantry, but then not able to hold a wall. I'm seeing lances on many of these cavalry too, assuming we'll see a lot of land range of one, so I think many of these units will have some sort of rapid assault to ensure they can close those gaps.

Bomber- Assuming the Western Front will need to either have many expansion to match Eastern Front's or it will come with a very large base set so that they can hold their own with their Eastern Front rivals, I assume we'll see aircraft make an appearance. With BF1 they added a large, heavy Bomber airplane. I think the Ruska Bomber should 100% mirror this.

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I'm imagining a large bomber with heavy ground attacks, however it is slow, a min and max movement of only 1. I also have an idea for a unit that's like an AC130, where it has an air attack (or an extra attack) however it's only a broadside attack. So either on its left or its right it can only shoot sideways at attacking air units or it can circle around ground units and use this second attack to rain down machine gun fire. What do you think about that design idea?

Walker Machine Gun- The new Iron Harvest has me craving some Dieselpunk amazingness. However, I LOVED the design of this two man machine gun so much I'd love to see this make it into either the Ruska or Ottoman Dynasty factions. I can't help but feel the Ottomans would have this, as they look to be Support Unit heavy.
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Well, that's what I've been doing instead of work. Does anyone else have any fascinating ideas? Any game mechanics that could be intigrated? Anything from another game that inspires a character design idea out of you?