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    Something that has bothered me ever since Rising Conflicts came out is that it seems the art direction seems to be splitting. One of the draws for me to WoK was the artwork and character designs. I love the initial artwork and concepts by Edouard Guiton. They are so unique and are positively dripping with character and life. However, lately more artists have been brought on to WoK. As an artist myself, I get needing more bandwidth in an art department, Guiton is busy on another project or what have you. What I don't understand is that the new art and models look like they belong to a conceptually different world than the WoK world. All the contributing artists are great and I appreciate the artwork produced for the books despite the jarring differences. To be clear, I am a fan of all kinds of art but I am a stickler for artistic continuity. The outcome that is perplexing, as I roughly stated above, is that now models in the WoK line don't look like they belong to the same game. I think the sculpts are great for what they are and I would never want to take that away from the artists. I just see a weird divide in artistic continuity and it leaves me kind of feeling blase' about the new minis. I love the game and I strongly believe it's a game that should be very popular and have a very strong footing in stores, but one of the major contributing factors of getting me into the game is going away. This game looked like nothing else on the table thanks to the crazy designs by Guiton, but now a lot of the identity is lost when the art direction changes so drastically.

    To reiterate what I believe is a very important point. All of the artists contributing to WoK are fantastic. I just feel that the WoK look and vibe was based on Guiton's art and that seems to be diverging into another style now. Looking at the newest models released fills me with the idea they are moving away from the overly but wonderful stylistic style to something more in line with other minis games.

    It's also scary that WoK seems all but forgotten by CMON. The website is a shell and there is no news at all. The newest release from Gen Con are not even represented here. I really hope this game continues, it's a gem.

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    I wish I could be more positive but what I saw at GenCon a couple weeks back really seemed to seal it for me. Last year there was a big section for WoK in the CMON booth, they were running multiple demos. The cards and new rulebook were flying off the shelf and people (new and old players) were excited. Since then it has been a veritable dustbowl. This appears to be the CMON model. Fully hype a game via Kickstarter and conventions get a bunch of upfront money ditch the game and then throw another shiny penny in front of people.

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