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    Hello, I've just registered here and it seems both Chrome and Firefox don't like some of the site settings/certs?
    I keep getting a 'connection is not secure' when browsing and I have to either load unsafe scripts in Chrome or click disable protection for now in Firefox.
    I only run a couple extensions like https everywhere, privacy badger, and ublock, but turning them off doesn't affect either browser's dislike of some setting or scripts being run here.
    Any idea if it's me or the website?


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    I don't know if I can help that much, but seems to me that these CMON pages are not even supposed to be https. I use firefox and it has this grey lock symbol with red cross over the lock. I use Finnish version, but basically it means this:

    Don't know if we are talking about the same thing. Some older forum pages have this "issue". Though you can always use unique password that you use only here.

    edit: Note that the Shop -section seems to be and should be HTTPS
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    Yep, I get the same thing. I guess modern browsers are coded to really really try for https whenever you have credentials being entered.
    I'm able to work around it but some areas, like browsing the gallery or blogs, you just can't stay logged in.
    The store does look like it has a valid cert setup correctly, but that leads to me to think someone could easily grab your credentials on the non-https portion of the site and used them in the https portion? I'm no security expert though, just trying think through the issue.
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