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    New(ish) series of minis created, printed, moulded, and distributed by Charles Aguis.

    Charles's miniatures are superb, beautifully designed, great quality sculpts.

    He packs them incredibly well in custom boxes, and are a delight to paint.

    My mediocre attempt at Azrat.

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    Charles Agius has been around a whole, but hasn't released anything recently, I think. I got the studio version of Azrat, it's really well done. I also got Mara somewhere.

    Really nice sculpts, but the resin gates are in a bit strange places.
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    I bought Azrat sometime ago... one of the worst quality copies of a mini I have ever gotten..a bit weary of these minis now
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    was the cast bad or the usual transition problem (looks great on screen, to shallow/undefined in print) from 3d to print to sculpt
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    well, there were horrible mold lines, missing details, many details were not crisp, and there are actual gouges in certain areas of the model (arms/claws)... first time I ever saw anything like that. So I guess you'd be's a transition problem from screen to print. It'll take me a good week or so to fix it up so it's paintable. And because of that, it's just sitting in my model bin of "eventual projects."

    Still I'll concede one is an awesome looking model (in picture).
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    There were early production problems...I saw a review on a German site that pointed out the flaws in the prints...
    This is a thing of the past, the new stuff is top quality.

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