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Thread: Need to reach CMON before the Green Horde October Deadline.

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    Unhappy Need to reach CMON before the Green Horde October Deadline.

    Hello Guys, I was hoping anyone has a phone number that I can use to contact CMON about an incorrect email I typed into the survey at the end of the kickstarter for green horde. Due to me not noticing it so late, I can no change the email on my own and I have no way of accessing my pledge manager. I really need to get this fixed or I have spent $315 for someone else to potentially claim my goods. I have made a customer service ticket but have not heard anything from them. I have started an IM on facebook (we will see if they respond) and I have tried the 1-404-975-0975 phone number but it doesn't seem to work for me.

    Anyone have another way that I can get a hold of them before the October deadline so I can gain access to my pledge manage?

    Thank you,


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    CMON customer service is probably overwhelmed with tickets related to the Massive Darkness Kickstarter shipping this month to US backers. I can only suggest patience that they will work through the backlog of requests in time.

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