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    Default Looking for advice on bear skin/fur

    Getting started on WildWestExodus Raging Bear mini for my friend's birthday. He plays bear druid in World of Warcraft so that's what's inspiring me. I think I found a great model and I'm planning to do it's fur in bluish-black (using Citadel Dark Reaper/Thunderhawk Blue line) and use red (loincloth, mouth) and bone for spot colors. However, model also shows a good amount of skin and musculature and I'm not sure what color to use. My instinct is to just to go black to grey for skin but I'm not sure my skill is enough to make enough of a contrast with fur. In other words, I'd love some ideas.

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    A much lighter blue/ivory would work well for the palms and a 50% mix of the fur and palm basecoats will work well on the inbetween Flesh. Best thing to do is get a colour wheel online....is best to see what works with what. If you want it to really stand out then choose opposing colours. If you want everything to fit within a more limited palette then choose complementary colours either side of the blue.
    Post your pics when finished to I can see it completed.

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    Thank you, I had already finished it though and went with my original plan. Added to my gallery currently awaiting moderation but will post here too (sorry for the large size).

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