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    Default Online Store is Horrific

    I noticed this place received an "F" grade from the Better Business Bureau. Now I know why.

    Is it an unspoken rule to shop elsewhere for anything sold by Cool Mini or Not?

    They are one of the worst I've ever seen.

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    I am growing increasingly frustrated with this company. I made two separate orders from them. The first order showed up quickly, but was missing an item. The 2nd order has gone through with the bank, but for a week now on the site has shown to still be "processing." I've submitted a request for contact three times now only to get automated messages. They have no problem taking my money, and I'm afraid I'm growing closer to considering taking other actions to either get my money or products out of them. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS SITE. I made the mistake of doing this.

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    It's not the first time I'm reading this.

    I would like to say that I have no relationship with this company. I´m only a guy from spain who purchased two minis in a first order, and a miniature and a pack of instant mold in a second purchase.

    Both times I have no problem with the shop, not the faster delivery (two weeks first time, and almost 3 the second) , but that was the only problem.

    It´s only my experience

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    I used to buy an awful lot of stuff from CMON. But lately, I've been seeing a few of these types of posts, and I'm glad I've curbed my buying significantly.

    Seems like we're returning to the good old days of New Wave.
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    or the store is not a prio with all these KS-s bringing in millions.
    I used to buy from the store too, but I think I haven't ordered anything since the Z1 KS as the store had nothing of interest since. (Exception was the yearbooks, but they arrived fast and ok)
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    I finally cancelled my order and bought the exact same thing elsewhere. There are viable alternatives to CMON's online store. It's sad, however, because it doesn't have to be this way. All they need to do is hire someone who cares about his or her job and is driven to get things in order ASAP. Steve Jobs might have been an overkill, but you know what I mean.

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    ah damn... and I just put in an order....where would you recommend getting the dark age bases then?
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    thanks fluisterwoud..much of their stuff is out of stock though..hopefully CMON's inventory is correct...
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    got my order last night...very quickly too I might add, with no that's a relief
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    During convention season, shipments tend to slow down.
    I've never had a problem of any sort with them. Granted, it's been a while since I've ordered anything, but a quick PM usually gets any issues sorted.

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    I've put a couple of orders in over the last few years. Last one was only a few months ago. Never had a problem with delivery. Usually arrives two weeks later and considering I live in Australia that's not too bad. My main gripe is that stock levels seem to be incredibly infrequently replenished. Chances are most things I want are out of stock and months later still are. I give up and buy elsewhere.

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