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Thread: Anyone know a good 32-35 mm figure for this? plastic/resin

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    Default Anyone know a good 32-35 mm figure for this? plastic/resin

    basically a male or female; very little or no clothing. If any armour, minimal like that headdress that art has and ideally just minor skirt type clothes that the image is wearing...

    was looking at mierce, kaha, blacksun

    was thinking of maybe the hasslefree nude female centurion or the blacksun chaos warrior.

    Cant really figure out if that clothing in the art is based around any real culture so i could search for figures like that.

    For the snake arms, i have many of the plastic snakes that come from the GW Lizardmen bastiladon so i wanted resin or plastic, so i can gouge out the shoulders, add the snakes, and resculpt the wounds around the shoulder/upper chest.



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    What scale? That'd help There are some nice 54mm pieces that embellish that kinda thing but if you're looking for 32 there's probably a larger pool.

    Also hello Sanjay! Just posted wondering who was still around! Nice to see you're still live and kicking matey!
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