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Thread: Withers' WIP Thread

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    Default Withers' WIP Thread

    Lately I've been really trying to up my painting game and speed up my painting process so I was hoping you guys could give me some tips and pointers. I've been painting for approaching 2 years now but still very much a newbie. I struggle a lot with color schemes and, well pretty much everything it feels like.

    Anyway, I'm starting to work my way through Massive Darkness and Rum and Bones: Second Tide.

    Whisper (MD) WIP
    Name:  IMG_1799.jpg
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    I've spent about 2 and a half hours on Whisper so far, which for me is a massive increase in speed. I'm not happy with a lot of the blends, especially on the cloak, but I've decided to stop trying to be a perfectionist on everything and just get through them.

    El Latigo (R&B) WIP
    Name:  JzJsUfF.jpg
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    Looking pretty good so far. Nothing to complain about for tabletop gaming minis.

    Whisper is looking good so far, but if you are looking to fix anything, her eye looks like shes about to cry. I'm painting MD as well so I'll be following your progress.


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    Thanks! Yeah I really struggled with her eye. First I couldn't get it shaped the way I wanted, then I could place the little reflection dot where I wanted. I eventually gave up but it totally does look like that. I tried to do Lil' Ned's eyes too and had a hard time with his as well.

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    I think if I would stand if I need to pee, then my eyes would look sad, too

    But I love your painted eyes, maybe you could try 3 colors, black, iris (green, blue, browb) and white dot.

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    Whisper looks nice. Good to see some paint getting on Massive Datkness minis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lone Lemming View Post
    I think if I would stand if I need to pee, then my eyes would look sad, too

    But I love your painted eyes, maybe you could try 3 colors, black, iris (green, blue, browb) and white dot.
    Oh god, I'll never not be able to unsee that now.

    I definitely want to try adding a bit of color but I'm struggling with them being so small!

    Quote Originally Posted by KruleBear View Post
    Whisper looks nice. Good to see some paint getting on Massive Datkness minis

    Whisper all finished up:
    Name:  vKX4rol - Imgur.jpg
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    Name:  5cPEzhF - Imgur.jpg
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    I still haven't figured out how to best light pictures. For some reason my WIP shot looks a lot more accurate as far as contrast goes (highlights in the "studio" shots look super dull). I guess I'll have to start fiddling with manually setting the flash.

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    Nicely done. Looking forward to the next ones.

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    Started on Lil' Ned while I was home sick yesterday. This sculpt is weird but I guess that's the point. He'd be a lot better without the horns.
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    Those faces and eyes on your models are most excellent.
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    I think the eyes are finely done with the 2 color process your doing. If you wanted to try a 3 color try it on a bigger scaled model first and practice practice practice. Unless these are gong into a painting competition the 3 colors might not suit these best. They look really good from here. A lot of readability in the models , their faces and their eyes.

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    Thanks! Yeah I'm really trying to focus on giving them more character than just looking straight forward all the time.

    Lil' Ned finished
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    You've definitely captured the essence of the character art with Lil Ned Withers....half makes me wish I had not offloaded my Massive Darkness bundles.....they did however finance a new airbrush so not all bad.

    Keep em coming, great to see them painted up

    check our Roman Lappats version of the two headed wandering monster on his instagram. Great inspiration to be had

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    Holy cow Roman's version is incredible! I'll just be happy with some smooth blends, lol.

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    Graz and Prug WIP. I’m pretty happy with him overall but I’m really disappointed in the gap filling job I did. It was the first time I’ve tried it and I really butchered it. Hoping I can pass it off as scar tissue.

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    I'm sure you'll be able to disguise the join there alright. Everything else is looking great, nice smooth blends on the skin and the tube thing he's carrying is good. All coming together nicely

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    Thanks! I'm hoping so too. Thankfully I got a lot better at it pretty quickly after the first

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    Lil Ned turned out great and this one is headed that way too

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    Tremendous work! Really enjoying watching this whole thread.

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    Skintones are really solid without being ott, suits this guy I reckon. Keep up the good work pip pip!
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    Thanks y'all. Was hoping to finish him this week but it's Iron Banner week on Destiny 2 so I probably won't get much painting accomplished.

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