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Thread: [KS] Fate Of The Eidolon - sci-fi board game project, 28mm miniatures

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    Default [KS] Fate Of The Eidolon - sci-fi board game project, 28mm miniatures

    So, for a long time we've been working on all of the different components needed to create an immersive board-game, and we just wanted to showcase some of the fruits of our labour: the 28mm miniatures which will be an optional part of the game.

    If anyone had any comments on them they would be gratefully received, and if you'd like to follow our progress we have a Facebook page here:

    We'll also try to update all of the various places that people show an interest in the project!

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    they look good.
    I have no interest in another 28mm boardgame figures, but if you'd have 75mm versions of some, that could be interesting.

    one advice though: please do a proper 3d print of the model and retweak them if they don't look good enough. I've seen too many, where the art looks good, the 3d model looks good, but the end product looses all the details, because they don't transfer correctly (details not sharp enough, details lost) to a 28mm figure.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Hi MAXXxxx, and thanks for the reply!

    Yes, we've just finished going through exactly that process (print -> rework) with our fantasy line at the moment, so we're very lucky to work with a great caster who understands our need to perfect prints before casting. Before the creation of our first line we (as designers) and our sculptors definitely had some lessons to learn and we've really found the process very beneficial to our understanding.

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