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    Default Accelarte Votings ?!

    Hi there,

    I have registered at beginning of August and have done roughly 4k votes so far.
    I'm enjyoing getting inspiration by watching the stuff, which has been loaded onto this platform.
    But it seems, that the number of votes counting on my pictures is stagnating? So regardless if 6 weeks old
    or just one week old... the votes stop to count up between 20 and 30.
    As far as I understood you need to have minimum 50 votes on a picture to get a "ranked" position... which
    seems to be a "Mission Impossible" (and that even withou Tom Cruise :-P ).

    I thought it might be the case that the number of votes done is somehow linked with the number your own
    minis are going to be proposed to others. Not sure if this is the case.
    As I didn't find a section, which is clarifying that within the FAQ's I hope that an administrator or an
    colminiornot-veteran has some advice.

    Best Regards

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    there's only 20-30 people that vote on the uploaded pics with any regularity. If you want more, you usually have to advertise on other websites/forums and get people to come vote for your stuff. Also, don't get too discouraged,.. there's a few people over there that like to give low votes for some reason. The real feedback can be gotten by making a thread in the WIP section.
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    The voting system doesn't really work anymore and hasn't for quite some time. Lots of people post pictures on here but most can't be bothered to vote themselves. And yes it is true that you need 5 or more posts with each having >50 votes to gain a ranking. I imagine that in the last 2 years or so there have been a lot of people who still do not have a ranking.
    Basically unless you are a super painter of a quality to get in the 'Top last 7 days' (or you cheat) you won't get > 50 votes. I voted loads at one point but it got to the point where despite voting on >20,000 posts and several requests on the forums to vote on my posts to get them past the magic 50 mark, I just gave up as I was wasting my time. I still post on here as I like to add to the fantastic library of images that is CMoN, but it is a long time since I really took any notice of what votes I got.

    As Webmonkey states - if you want help and useful criticism, post images on the forum. It's generally more useful and helpful.
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    Dear both,

    thanks for confirming my assumptions. So I won't be anymore frustrated about the mission to hit the magic 50 mark :-)
    And the proposal to go for a thread instead of loading a single image makes sense, too.

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    there's a lot to be done here imo the whole place need a good facelift. this forum is out of date and the gallery is stuck in the 90s. Its sad it seems to be zero maintenance of this site.
    it used to be quite easy to hit 50+ votes but nowdays i can see people have problems. basically i think the voting system suck and i wish they removed it completely.

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    True, it could use a workover. I don't think anythings changed in the last ...10 years odds i've been around? That said it's still a good platform, but could be better compared to past and newer standards. Skel is just angsty that some of his sexy work might slip people by =P Emos man, can't live with em. Cant's live withou...Wait no I rescind that.

    I love you really. x
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    only one answer campaign trail HO! go to my gallery vote early, vote often . there may be cake in it for you
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