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    Has anyone ever added a custom model/fig to their game? I've been considering creating a Wind Waker (toon) Link sculpt in Arcadia Quest style and scale. Just curious if other people had interest in customs, or advice/thoughts/comments about creating them.

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    Yikes ... this thread is silent; like a ghost town. Just a couple crickets chirping and some tumbleweed blowing through.

    Anyhow, if I had a friend make a 3D model of Wind Waker toon Link in AQ scale and style, would anyone else be interested?

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    probably not.. it's hard enough to get the kids to decide which character they will play this time, that adding more into the mix would just create more hassle. Sorry.

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    Hey there! Very nice for you to make such an effort! If I had access to a 3d printer I'd sure would want the model!

    I'd love to see some pics, though!

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    If I get the 3D model made I would probably print a few of them from an online 3D printer. Maybe sell a limited number like 5-10 of them via eBay. However, the cost of the 3D model paying him a fair wage per hour would still run me about $200-300.

    I just wasn't sure if custom models like these had any appeal, if anyone else has ever done any, or maybe advice for a cheaper route.

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