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    Hi there, custom scenarios I've made, based on movies and video games.
    (there's rules for people that have the game and extensions, and a 2nd map if you have only the core game)

    The first scenario looks like this :

    All the scenarios are here :

    There's figures painting as well.

    Plz let feedback

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    Hello Mike!
    Scenarios are looking excellent to me, I will let you know if I find time enough to play them with my group of friends. I am downloading them now ^^

    On the other hand, I like how you painted all those miniatures, there are a lot of self-proclaimed propainters, that paint way worse than you. I just see one problem with your paintwork, and that is thickness of the paint. Keep painting you'll get much much better! since even with that thick paint you have a nice control of were the paint goes! Oh! and on top of that you seem to mix and match colours perfectly which is not an easy thing to do and you seem to do it naturally!!!
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    Oh that's a pretty nice comment, thanks ! And yeah the thickness of the paint, maybe I'll try to buy some painting for miniatures, because right now I'm using big cheap regular acrylic paint. Not optimal I guess, but does the job

    I just saw your painting and it looks super nice !!! I don't even understand how yo do tiny things like the tattoo on Spike's head !

    I'll try to upload the other scenarios I've made asap, I just have to try it at least once more, but I've made 9 of them. And I'm thinking about after that doing mini campaign (of maybe 3-4 scenarios for each theme)

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