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    I like the color scheme you used on this guy Fox! I've seen a lot of these minis up for ratings on CMON lately and I think yours stands out from the crowd. Can't wait to see those Inquisitors now that you got your eye back

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    Cheers Kuribo! I had planned on just painting him up ultra quick in the GW style and getting him sold off, but then I got a bit more invested. Now I’m once again wrestling with water effects on the base for him. But while they’re drying, Inquisition retinue is ready to go:

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    Going to be lots of browns, muted blues and bright red as an accent colour. Dark and gritty.

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    Seriously, what the hell?

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    Why do you crack water effects?!
    I tried a tester on the reverse side of a large base, which worked out fine. Which makes me think the issue is not with the depth or spread of the effects, but must be to do with adding pigment or the material I’m pouring on to.
    Name:  B8C7C400-BA26-4260-949E-F99F1318193E.jpeg
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    But it can’t be pigment because it doesn’t crack in the shot glasses I use to mix it.
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    Anyone got any ideas?

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    lots of air bubbles trapped underneath made it dry uneven and crack maybe.
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    Did you add a lot of colour to the base mix? The shot glass doesn't look as intense a red as the base does green: could be the paint/pigment messing it up.

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    Not entirely sure but perhaps the texture of the base left air pockets underneath? Possibly fixable with a thin layer of gloss varnish maybe?

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    Is that a crackle/texture paint you have used underneath the water effect?

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    Yeah I reckon it could be that the surface underneath hadn’t been sealed thoroughly enough. It’s Vallejo sand texture. I’ve got another layer on with a tiny amount of paint in on too now to try and fill the gaps, might look weird though.

    Not the end of the world, it’s not a mini I really care about too much. 3 days work, far less than I usually spend.

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    Yep that was my thinking, I really don’t know the chemistry behind how these new textures work, but back in the dark ages when I used to paint I would apply a thick acrylic over a semi wet oil based paint (with snap heating) to obtain a crackled texture... so it could be something to do with how the two different paint types are reacting? Very interesting though, nothing like a good ole learning curve ey

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    Yeah. It’s not my first issue with this stuff though, clearly I’m going wrong somewhere. I know proper 2-part resin works fine though so I’m just going to use that in future and get some proper pigments for it

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    Yep, sometimes better to stick with the devil you know hey if it’s an ooze effect your going for another good little trick (given the area is recessed) is a pool of PVA and drop in some different shades of green, and swirl around with a little stick an when dry tada you got a nice sickly looking pool... takes a bit of experimenting this, but can turn out looking great...

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    A few Xmas eve updates. Managed to get some painting in between stuffing my face.

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    Got a few base colours laid down on the retinue. Trying to keep as many colours consistent across the team as possible.
    Really impressed by some of the sculpts. The old metal Inquisitor Lorr is great and the new Gor Half-horn is superb, apart from the boxy pistol which I replaced with a much more detailed one.

    Also cracked on with Roboute, in my ongoing mission to clear my backlog as rapidly as possible.

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    And since it’s gone midnight where I am, merry Christmas everyone! Be merry and eat a lot!
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    I like the color choice of the retinue man. And guliaume face is Er exsquisite in its recent stage!!!!

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    Damn, those minis have so many details, i'am dizzy... Happy painting!

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    Teronus is right! It awesome to see so much activity from you. That Inquisitor retinue is going to be so awesome. I can tell already

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    pfft forget potato head girlyman! crack on with that group of upstanding imperial agents =][=
    "Remember, you can't spell paint without a little pain."

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    these are looking great, I really like the colours yo have for so far. they are very cool minis as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zab View Post
    pfft forget potato head girlyman! crack on with that group of upstanding imperial agents =][=
    You leave Rob alone. It’s not his fault his chin juts out and his jawline was stolen from an Easter Island statue. I’m making steady progress with him in the background though.

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    Base colours and shading done on these two. Messy as hell, but that’ll get tidied a bit.
    The colour scheme should deviate out between models as I highlight them in different ways, but hopefully remain close enough together to look consistent. It’s all a big experiment.

    Thanks for the support guys!

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    Most of the work on Bob’s base is done. Everything brown will be gold once I’ve matte varnished the base and the torches are still to be finished.

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    Yet again, ‘as quick as I can paint him’ has turned into spending half an hour glazing browns onto rock uneccessarily.

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    Oh, dude, good stuff. I'm loving that retinue, and Bob's base is looking spiffy as well.
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