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Thread: Foxtail and Morty

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    Thanks Tero. This was only supposed to be a quick model for me, I’ve already spent far longer than I wanted to on it.

    Everything except the metallic highlights is now done. And I’ve run out of time to do those this weekend, so they’ll be finished off in a fortnight when I next get a chance.

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    I’ve ordered Horticulous Slimux as well. It’s an entertaining miniature with some good background I think I can do some cool things with. At least the plaguebearer is, I’m undecided about the massive snail!
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    Is that a necron's spine or a Canoptek wraith's tail on the base? Well done! he looks awesome.

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    the marine is looking grand. that much detail would have broken me I think. nicely handled

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    Bob Gurleyman (I heard this name on a podcast and now I can't help but use it) looks really great! The sword has excellent blends and the base has nice details but still frames Bob well. It is always a pleasure to see your work!

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    That marine turned out nice. I agree with the crowd that the blues and whites really are sweet.

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