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    Thanks Tero. This was only supposed to be a quick model for me, I’ve already spent far longer than I wanted to on it.

    Everything except the metallic highlights is now done. And I’ve run out of time to do those this weekend, so they’ll be finished off in a fortnight when I next get a chance.

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    I’ve ordered Horticulous Slimux as well. It’s an entertaining miniature with some good background I think I can do some cool things with. At least the plaguebearer is, I’m undecided about the massive snail!
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    Is that a necron's spine or a Canoptek wraith's tail on the base? Well done! he looks awesome.

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    the marine is looking grand. that much detail would have broken me I think. nicely handled

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    Bob Gurleyman (I heard this name on a podcast and now I can't help but use it) looks really great! The sword has excellent blends and the base has nice details but still frames Bob well. It is always a pleasure to see your work!

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    That marine turned out nice. I agree with the crowd that the blues and whites really are sweet.

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    Thanks guys! I’m not overly thrilled with Bob, but then I was never trying too hard on him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Teronus View Post
    Is that a necron's spine or a Canoptek wraith's tail on the base? Well done! he looks awesome.
    Just a generic bit of piping I think. I imagine it’s from the 3D sculptors bag of regulars.

    Ive not been up to much these last couple of weeks. Mostly putting together Horti and a Forgeworld Custodes Contemptor that’s pretty awesome. This is how my to-do box looks at the moment, minus Morty and the end of Bobby G.

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    I like the cup idea for holding minis. the Gman turned out well nice work! lovely job.

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    Nice spread of projects you have on the go there Fox, looking forward to seeing what you do with the snail dude and that cool looking Contemptor.

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    If we hold any sway on your next project then I'd like to vote for more of the Inquisitor squad please but in all honesty, I'll be happy to see you making progress on any of these projects!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teronus View Post
    Too many projects not enough life !
    Amen brother!

    Canny, thanks for the compliment mate. I’ll be honest and say I’ll be glad to see the back of him.
    Hairster, snail dude is purely for practice of wet blending, a technique I’ve never really grasped. I figured a rotting Nurgle mollusc was probably pretty lenient for shoddy practice.
    Kuribo, you hold a lot of sway. I’ll carry on plugging away at them to distract me when I get frustrated with other things.

    I am, sadly, busy with actual work these next few weeks. When I return it’ll be to my old thread. Mortarion is on semi-permenant pause. I don’t have the time or the inclination to tackle such a large model any time soon.

    Many thanks all. Back to painting in a few weeks

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    Really fine job foxy on Gilliam that is Ano where near and easy model. Very crisp my man. Eavy metal standard. Dynamite.

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    I'm sorry to hear that work is cutting into your painting time! That would frustrate me greatly so I hope that your absence is short. I'm looking forward to seeing future updates on the Inquisitor Retinue and any other projects you choose to tackle.

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