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Thread: Foxtail and Morty

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    Think it depends what approach you are going for....

    Shiny Barrel? if so you may need more highlights as the light hits the different surfaces

    Name:  steel-barrel-d-illustration-white-background-34769218.jpg
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    or you need to go down the full fust which case what you have may work as a base for the ruty bits...

    Name:  Barrel.png12a8bbbd-7c8c-4538-a530-b66cfef279eaOriginal.jpg
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    dont despair! Little dude looking great aswell I love the grey underside to his snout.

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    that looks find to me, don't worry about it. especially if you plan on adding corrosion, you have good base to work from

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    Hey FOX I found your WIP. keep up the good work! those nurgles are looking great, very entertaining sculpts.

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    Cheers guys! Sadly I have to put things on hold for a month or so due to work.

    So Paul is going to have to wait to get his rusty canister for a bit.
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    Just been through a similar heavy work patch Fox....makes you even more motivated to get cracking when things wind down though.

    Look forward to seeing the further adventures of the Paul, John and his mates (George and Ringo?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hairster View Post
    Paul, John and his mates (George and Ringo?)
    Ahhhh, you got it! Not sure what to name the fifth nurgling though. It’s either Brian (Epstein) or Yoko, but I guess it depends how how much the model gets on my nerves!

    I’ll definitely be craving some hobby time by then
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    Full on rusty barrel it is- they are the disease ridden burgle boys so -HELLS YEAH-

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    Default I’m Back!

    I’m back! Sort of...

    Work’s taking a bit more out of me than I’d hoped it would, so I’ve only really had two days of hobby time since mid-October. It didn’t seem worth taking Morty and the nurglings out for such a short period of time so instead I’ve cracked on with getting the retinue for my inquisitor side-project worked out.

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    Illic Nightspear with a Dark Eldar Scourge head.
    Escher ganger with a Skitarii arm.
    Knight pilot I’ve wanted to paint for ages.

    I’ve got a heavily kitbashed tech priest in the works as well.
    It’s a bit of a motley crew, but that’s what =][= rentinues should be like. I’m excited to work on them alongside Morty.
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    Ooohhhhh i love inquisitor retinues.

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    You’re my inspiration for this to be honest BaM. Thought I’d try my hand at a BaM-esque dark and gritty style rather than my usual clean and bright colours. And your Orruk guys are displayed in the same way I want to try
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    Good to see you back (again) Fox. Love a blanchitsu Inquisitor retinue too...been comtemplating one myself recently as a conversion heavy side project.

    Cant wait to see what you do with these.

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    I can only echo what Hairster said. I'm pumped to see you tackle an Inquisitor retinue. They are among my favorite Warhammer 40k characters and I know you'll do an awesome job with them! Now blow off work for a day or two and get to painting

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    Oh dude, that retinue sounds badass! Prime material for some awesome stories of the dark future! Hurry up and get to it already! Haha

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    Damn GW are relentlessly prodding the temptation button with all the old specialist games returning, that Escher conversion looks pretty sweet,I had to double check the sprue pics to make sure it wasn't some new funky power fist or something haha

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    Thanks guys! You aren’t wrong Sicks, just imagine if GW did 54mm plastic models with their current sculpting talents.

    I have a feeling this retinue might be getting more attention that Morty for a while!
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    Wow that's an awesome bit of news - so glad I've inspired you ,your work speaks for itself ,I'm really joyed that I'm your muse regarding these sure your painting will make them another absolutely marvelous spectacle that only Foxy can do.

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