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Thread: Foxtail and Morty

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    Very nice, those broken eagle pieces are sensational!!! Looking forward to see how you go with this guy, seen so many of these been painted lately but only a handful I really like, and from the look of the base I’ve got a feeling this is going to be a good one ...Secretly I am a closet ultrasmurf fan, I’ve got virtually a whole chapter of these guys tucked away in a box, was actually quite tempted the other day to pull out the old marneus calgar honour guard the other day and give them a bash, but not sure if I got my eye in good enough yet to do them justice!!!

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    Thanks Meph and CC! Can’t say I’m particularly fond of Ultramarines, but this is a nice model, as are the honour guard.

    Got the base done
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    Lovely stonework on the base Fox, really clean and sharp.

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    Crisp and clean and no caffeine - lol great job. Bud!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BloodASmedium View Post
    Crisp and clean and no caffeine - lol great job. Bud!!!
    There was a lot of caffeine. A lot...

    Thanks for the nice comments guys. I’ve not been able to get a lot done this week, but the blue is finished on Bob and I’ve laid down a khaki base coat for the metallic gold to go onto. 3 layers of paint over all that tiny filigree = a lot of touching up to do on the blue.

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    Lovely looking blues, I don't envy you having to do all of that pattern though haha

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    Fantastik freakin work!!!

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    Very interesting to see that khaki base before the metallic gold. I'll have to try it, and betting it will look awesome.

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    Thanks guys. Thri, I try and stick to using Vallejo Metal Colour, which has got really finely ground pigment in it but doesn’t cover very well. The khaki should hopefully give me a fairly cool gold colour in the end, which should simmer down the incredibly bright blue a little.

    But who knows!? It’s all an ongoing experiment.

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    Good luck Fox...always been a little scared of the detail on that RG mini! Great start though

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    Thanks Hairster. I’m terrified of him, but I’m more scared of the box of unfinished minis I’ve got.
    Matte areas of the backpack done and getting there with the arm. Hopefully have the bulk of Bob done this weekend.

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    Full agree, some super clean paintwork there !!! The white symbol is brilliant, even some of the better painted versions of this never seem to get the white right (or paint between the lines, for that matter). Well done so far mate...

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    I really do love that blue colour, I despise Ultramarines but I'll let you off for having such a stunning blue on him

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    I’m yeah hits his mark every time dead center.

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    Thanks guys! Means a lot.

    This ‘ultra quick’ painting is coming to a close. Metallics need going over again and highlighting and a few touch ups need to be done.
    I need to fish through the backlog box for the next thing to get rid of.

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    Damn you paint fast Fox, would take me so long to do all those details with my OCD! Really nice piece to add to your collection.

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