Three Birthdays Today!
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    Default Three Birthdays Today!

    Marta Śuslarska
    David Powell. (Bailey03)
    Phil Mulliner (Webmonkey)

    Happy Birthday to you all.
    I believe in Karma, what you give, is what you get returned. Affirmation; Savage Garden
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    My slice of cake ?
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Slice of cake??? Where are my presents?!?!?!?
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Also,.. didn't know Bailey and I shared a birthday,... happy b-day guys!!! Now,... get off my lawn!! *shakes first in air*
    It's only a flesh wound!!!

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    Clearly it was a popular day to be born. Happy B-day Webmonkey and Marta!

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