Cypher - my first attempt at NMM
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    Default Cypher - my first attempt at NMM

    I've recently finished this mini. And I'm wandering why it's rating is lower than I expected. I know the base is just plane so I didn't expect all highest rate but still. Maybe someone can tell me here what I'm doing wrong.

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    Very tidy paint job. I woundnt worry about the ratings , it's a flawed system that needs updating to stop trolls etc
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    for me its a bit uneven. the swordhandle looks great but the cloak and black power armor looks very rough at places. personally i rate this 7-7,5. that said, this really is way too zoomed in for a fair analysis as you can see every little tiny flaw
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    I'm gonna agree with skells here bud. The model is well done in places and falls a bit short in others. A quick example look at the image second from the top.the cloak has an overall aesthetic weakness. It shows streaks and comes across a bit messy and rushed. Same for parts of the black / green armor. However their are many parts of the model that are very well painted as well. I'd rate it about a 7.4 . Overall good job. And pics too close will show any artists models imperfection. Next time a bit smaller eh.

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    Many thanks for all advise I definitely need more feedback about my work to get better.

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