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    i have late pletged ASoIF, so i can't ask at the Kickstarter project site.
    I had read the draft Rulebook and i'm very happy with the easy game system (and that is why i lp).

    But i have a question to CMON about the rules of panic and moral test.
    Is it right hat the moral test is only to roll dice if you loos e more troops?
    If this right, i think it is a little bit lame, since in other games units who loose a moral test most of the time try to flee from the enemy. Would it be not better to have this also in the rules, that if a moral test is realy bad (low dice), then a unit trys to flee and not only suffer more casulties. This would be nice to scare away units, so that you don't have to kill all and that could be a good advantage. Think of riders that attack in the flank and the enemys flee (like in th eTotal War games).

    How do you think about this?

    Do someone of CMON read this?

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    where its the official forum for GOT here? or will be under other page?
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