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Thread: From PS4 game to miniature

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    Default From PS4 game to miniature


    looking for someone who could do the following:
    - get models (about 3 or 4) out of a PS4 game
    - break them up, to be a bit modular for minis
    - touchup to make them printable (could also need a bit of work to create structures, where the game used maps)
    (- if with access to a decent 3d printer (that can do miniatures without much of the stepping we see) print it)

    Of course I don't have limitless or even big budget, so would love a reasonable priced possibility.
    So first and foremost I'd like to have quotes from people who have the skill needed, then hopefully we can get to an agreement.
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    Guilaume Vanson or Erick Sosa on Facebook possibly have expertise in this.
    Daniel Kelly, also on Facebook, would be able to tweak the models suitable for 3D printing once STL files are delivered to him; but he would not be able to extract the models from the PS4.
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