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    looking for someone who could do the following:
    - get models (about 3 or 4) out of a PS4 game
    - break them up, to be a bit modular for minis
    - touchup to make them printable (could also need a bit of work to create structures, where the game used maps)
    (- if with access to a decent 3d printer (that can do miniatures without much of the stepping we see) print it)

    Of course I don't have limitless or even big budget, so would love a reasonable priced possibility.
    So first and foremost I'd like to have quotes from people who have the skill needed, then hopefully we can get to an agreement.
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    Guilaume Vanson or Erick Sosa on Facebook possibly have expertise in this.
    Daniel Kelly, also on Facebook, would be able to tweak the models suitable for 3D printing once STL files are delivered to him; but he would not be able to extract the models from the PS4.
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    Did you ever find anyone able to do this? I would be very interested in this kind of thing, if so what sort of price was it?

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    sorry, I found no one.

    In theory it should be cheaper than comissioning a full sculpt (as the models are already done), but found none with a knowledge on how to get models from PS4 games.

    then again, I've found a model from the pc version and converting it to a paintable 3d model looks like a PITA. Almost all the details are in a flat pic as texture, so the touchoup looks as bad as sculpting it from scratch
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    What a shame, there's probably a ton of games I'd love to have minis from but even one commissioned sculpt is very expensive. In theory pulling models from games sounds perfect but there's probably copyright issues and as you say a lot of games use the texture file to make an illusion on flat parts

    I just played horizon zero dawn and fancy a mini of the main character

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    sculpts depend on the sculptor. The "Smile" I got had a pretty good price.
    Copyright is not really an issue as long as it's only for yourself. That's why I didn't even try to sell the Bust I had made for me. The IP belongs to a japanese artist.

    Aloy: not the game I was thinking about in the first post, but would also love an Aloy vs Watcher duel painted up.
    As for the game... I still should do a New Game++ on ultra hard to get the trophies to 100%... (the quests / datapoints are all 100% including the DLC)

    but some that may help you: (CMON doesn't allow these links)
    - google Aloy 3d model
    -- thingiverse and 3dwarehouse models look good (it's probably available on shapeways too under some convoluted name, to avoid IP problems)
    -- there is even a printable bust on turbosquid
    -- some good robots on scetchfab

    altough atm the best looking/best priced one is the chinese replica/recast of the LE model.
    For example:
    I'd buy this and depending on paintjob (most likely bad from our PoW) prime and repaint.

    edit: you could try contacting winup-models on shapeways. looks like has quite a few figures from games/animes.
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    I did see that statue along with the collectors edition statue (but that's around £200) I just finished my NG+ to prepare for ultra hard, only thing I need is that and the destroy all training dummy trophies.

    I'll check those sites out and see what I can find, I've contemplated converting one too but it might be beyond my ability.
    Out of curiosity what games were you thinking of? I know you mentioned ages ago about nier automata and there is a mini of the main character available for that

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    I fear the Ultra Hard... I suck at action games, even completing it at normal was hard for me (after that for the collectible search I switched to very-easy to remain sane). Most likely it'll remain at 96 or 98.

    various games but mostly Senran Kagura EV (some great costumes)/BPS (some funny poses, could make a great non-violent (all weapons are water guns, terrain is a swimming pool/beach) skirmish game ).
    But some other that would be great to have:
    - Horizon machines/Aloy/Sylens/Diorama (smaller scale, multiple figures), busts
    - FF 15 Chocobo, Lunafreya (the play-arts would be great if not the look of the posable joints), busts
    - Last of Us: Ellie, Joel, busts

    The nier figures don't have a high prio now.
    - The one from klukvaminis have arrived, looks good, is assembled, will paint it this year.
    - collectors B2: have a chinese pvc (for sale), painted in inverse from e2046 (resin), waiting for a normal painted one from e2046 (resin)
    - S9: got one PVC from, waiting for the release of A2/Devola/Popola/Commander.
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    I found NG+ on hard mode easier than my first play through on normal, think it helps that by then I'd learned enemies and as the best available weapons but I'm nervous about ultra hard lol

    I had to Google the first game but it looks like some nice anime style characters, I'd never get away with playing it with the family around though haha. I'd love some ff15 ones too, the 4 bros and maybe a random male and female character for comrades plus a monster and the car (prefer the normal one to the other types you can get) a king behemoth would be great but there wouldn't be much point in having any characters with it because of the size difference, never played last of us either or nier automata yet but I do like that klukva mini

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicks View Post
    ... I'd never get away with playing it with the family around though haha.
    I can understand that.
    It's much more acceptable to show kids weapons, blood, guts, gore and putrid flesh(I look at you nurgle , and no offense to nurgle fans, the new DG/N models themselves look great) than normal human skin, breasts(even if covered) and swimware.
    But it can be done badly and acceptably even from same manufacturer (manufaktura minis Sub series (some good, most badly themed imho) vs strife series(looks good) for example)
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    Actually I was thinking more that my partner would kill me haha, films for example with mild violence Will get a lower age rating than anything that shows boobs, obviously there's a line between nudity and porn but it seems all nudity is classed as porn in these sorts of things

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    Little reviving this because this happened:

    The machines look pretty good. It was long ago I wanted something from KS this much.
    To get all the machines would cost 270+GBP atm and delivery is only in 2020...


    Also a way to get some minis done from games.

    1. get the rigged XPS model from devianart or similar site
    2. Pose it in XNAStudio (free dev tool from MS), this can take a LONG time to get a correct pose
    3. Export the posed model to a 3d program (poser / zbrush / whatever), needed to set the polygon facings correctly + add the mapping info to the geometry (unless done most game models are pretty simple and not worth working with)
    4. export as a 3d printer file and print it. Atm the best (altough messy) for this would be the "Anycubic Photon".

    At this point you have your 3d model to paint.

    IF you want to sell it then instead of painting it you'd need to create the mould and cast resin the usual way. BUT most/all the models in video games (pc, ps, xbox, ...) are copyrighted, so selling them is likely not legal.
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