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Thread: Cannot create thread with photos

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    Default Cannot create thread with photos

    So It has been a while since I don't post in the forum(Years) and I decided to come back bringing a complete tutorial but I cannot create the thread and I receive a message saying it is spam.

    The thread has many photos plus a link to the original tutorial(In spanish)
    I have been looking for a rulespost to make shur I was not doing anything wrong but I haven't found it.

    Maybe there is a photo limit or I shouldn't post links or maybe is just to the time I have been out.

    Can anybody give me any advise
    My WIP here in CMON

    As well I colaborate with a spanish blog called Profanus

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    I am having this issue recently, whenever i try to update my WIP thread and i use either the CMON gallery function or embed links from Flickr, i am getting told i am spam, or my message contains contacts??? any help or suggestions mods?

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    Hi, your two accounts are whitelisted. The spam filter was a little too aggressive. I've sent this feedback on to the spam filter developer. Thanks for letting us know.
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    Thank you
    My WIP here in CMON

    As well I colaborate with a spanish blog called Profanus

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