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Thread: custom cards for arcadia quest

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    Default custom cards for arcadia quest

    since a few days i have the corebox from arcadia quest - and its an awesome game.
    But i want to create my own heroes, monsters and treasrues - are there somewhere templates for this cards to make the game more individuell?

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    Hello there, friend!

    Yes, there are templates for every card type in the main site of AQ. You can find them here: under "Blank Cards"

    But you can also use the fan made "Arcadia Quest Card Biulder" wich is just awesome! You can find it here:

    Just yesterday I've made this one:

    Name:  Cornelius_CARD.jpg
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Size:  19.9 KB Name:  Cornelius.jpg
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    Thx a lot for the links. Seems to me that the cards are without the backside, or i am wrong?

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    If I'm not mistaken, the pack that you download from the official site comes with back sides. The generator generates just the front.

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