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    Cool Hello!

    Hi folks

    I've viewed the CMON gallery for years out of interest, even going so far as registering an account to vote on the great models people here have produced, but I've never quite got as contributing either to the forums, or adding anything to the gallery myself.

    However a recent bit of inspiration has motivated me to give it a go - that and the literal dozen-odd of boxes of model kits lying unbuilt in various rooms of my house!

    I guess if I get to the point what I'm trying to say is "hello"!

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    Welcome! Get painting and start a WIP thread so we can nag you!
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    Haha yeah sounds like a plan

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    G'day and welcome to Hotel Bates California, you may notice there is no temporary parking. Please, make yourself comfortable as you will be here foreve...*cough* for the duration.

    Please don't bother reading the fluff and stuff at the checking desk, just sign your name clearly and concisely and ignore the impeding feeling of "something going amiss", It'll pass...
    I have a cunning plan...So cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a Weasel...

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    Still better than the travellodges I normally have to stay in

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