how to paint bright thin lines along the creases in vehicle armor?
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Thread: how to paint bright thin lines along the creases in vehicle armor?

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    Default how to paint bright thin lines along the creases in vehicle armor?

    Hi all,

    I'm painting my very old venom conversion and I have some problems with it. How do I paint straight lines near the armor slits? I'm attaching a second pic as an example of what I'm looking for. Is it just a steady hand? Do I use a masking tape? How come those extreme highlights lines look so bright yet appear to be painted with a single move of hand? I'm totally lost, please halp.

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    What most do is:
    - use very little thinned paint on the top of the brush (I really mean top, like only the top 1/5th or less has any paint)
    - use the side of the brush when doing the lining.
    This way the lines are pretty straight and as the point doesn't reach into the crease it won't paint in there.

    But 2 small tricks to make it easier. It works well if painting GW style (panel is mostly a single color):
    - do the lining aas you'd normally do, but you can be less careful about it as the next step will clean it up anyway. Then from the panel itself paint back the base color, pushing the paint toward the line until it's as thin as you'd like.
    - If any paint lands in the crevasse: use black/dark brown oil/enamel wash in it. Anything that spills over can be cleaned up with a Qtip and a bit of mineral spirit.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks MAXXxxx! Sorry to bother you again but - does "very little thinned paint" mean - "watered a lot" or "almost no thinning at all"?

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    wrong punctuation

    I meant very little amount of paint on the brush tip.
    Of course thinned with water (enough to make it flow more easily while still covering enough and still controllable enough for you)

    And of course it takes practice, like everything else. Just correcting from the larger surface makes it a bit easier.
    Forgot, that it works again.

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    Thanks MAXXxxx! Your advice did really help, especially the top-of-the-brush part.

    Also, I cheated! I've used a 0.03 liner to rebuild the recesses after painting the highlights. I might have to fix the shine with matt varnish after I finish painting but still the result is awesome compared to the few minutes that it took to do it.

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    Another little tip is to add a small amount of flow improver into the paint mix. Especially useful when dealing with light colours like white etc.

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    To get a thin line I think you have to paint the edges. If a line becomes to thick paint a black line over / beside the red line to get it thinner. HTH

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