Hi folks,

I thought I'd start one of these myself to try and keep me motivated.

Although I painted as a teenager, I stopped for a long time, and now in my thirties, I'm giving it another go. I had a quick dabble back in the hobby in 2013, but was about to move house so my attention was dragged away and it's basically taken me 4 years to give it get back on the bike.

Anyway, enough of an introduction, after catching a bit of "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" on TV, I thought I'd have a crack at a couple of Games Workshop Lord of the Rings models. Closest to hand was a box of Mordor Orcs that I thought I'd give a go:

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Unfortunately I could only manage a couple of hours in the evening, and an hour this afternoon so I'm not that far along, but I've made a start. I'm aiming to paint more frequently even if in short bursts, and aiming just to try and develop my brush control, technique and generally improve.

Comments, criticisms and tips more than welcome.

Thanks for looking!