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    Extraordinary work!!!

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    Cheers folks, I appreciate the positive comments, I'm really trying to push myself on this one, and in my opinion it's a step above what I've done before. I've set myself a target to achieve a 7/10 rating on a model by the end of this year, so I'm hoping this will be the guy that does it for me!

    With looking after the cockatiel last week, and having started running in the evening, I didn't get any painting done last week. To make matters worse, I ended the week with an infection in my leg (happened before, and was hospitalised last time), so I've had that to contend with too, but caught so early a few days of antibiotics has sorted that out. Shame it prevented me from having a beer for the England World Cup Quarter Final at the weekend, but I'll be able to have one tomorrow night now I think.

    I'm holiday from work for a fortnight, but today was the first day I did any painting - so back to the Minotaur, this time working on the leather straps, and thinking about how to approach the wooden axe handles.

    I want to take the highlights on the upper edges of the straps a shade lighter in places as I think that's where the light would most likely fall, but I think they don't look to bad.

    Not quite sure what the circular thing in the centre of the chest really is - didn't know whether to approach it as leather or metal, I've gone for leather initially as I want to make all the studs metal, and I think it'll look better this way, but not fully sold yet.

    Hopefully get a little more done tomorrow!

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    Your definitely on track for your 7/10 goal
    As for drinking on antibiotics, hmm, well I've done it with no ill effects but maybe thats just luck.!?
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Thanks Ten Ball!

    although I don't put too much stock in the ratings themselves, I've set myself the target just as a little challenge to myself as I thought it'd be fun.

    I'm not certain, but I believe there's something about antibiotics and alcohol - either the alcohol has greater effect, or the antibiotics are not as effective. Either way, the way my mates were going to be drinking on Saturday the result would probably have not been so fun hahaha

    I finished my antibiotic course today as it happens anyway. fortuitously as the infection was nowhere near as bad. Last time I had a similar infection in the same leg it was really bad because I didn't do anything about the symptoms - happened after a trip to NYC. I thought the fatigue and headaches were down to jet lag, but turned out it was actually the infection. 3 days in hospital followed by a fortnight of 4 nurse visits to my house a day to administer medication intravenously via a cannula in my arm taught me not to mess about if I think I've got it again (I think this is the fourth time in the same leg), so got it looked at and dealt with ASAP. Really weird it happened again because I'm far healthy today than I was 6 years ago (7 stone lighter and at least 100 times fitter lol)

    Doesn't matter now though, all good now and tablets all finished, so I'll be celebrating / commiserating England's match and result with a beer or two and maybe a whiskey tomorrow night!

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    Yale care of yourself bud. It’s true that antibiotics can have no effect when combined with alcohol. Although each case is diff and it’s really a person to person basis it’s great that you finished it without a major setback. the modelos looking very bloody marvelous.

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    I agree with 10-Ball; your current work is easily on track for a 7, not to mention you still have 5 months to finish that one and then paint a bunch MOAR MINIS

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    You are definately above a 7 if you maintain this quality all the way through...but who knows with the erratic scoring.

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    Cheers dudes! Antibiotics are done (as is the World Cup), so I'm back to normal.

    I've not painted this guy this week which is a shame, so I've rushed in a bit this evening and blocked in the remaining areas of the skin. It's a bit rough and ready in places, but I'll be refining it more over the next few days - hopefully not ruining my target of 7 out of 10 yet haha

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    Also just because all the detail work feels a little constraining, I thought I'd also start working on something else, that I could use a looser technique with broader strokes on

    I'm in no way a gamer, and never intend to play a game of Necromunda, but the terrain pieces that came with the boxed game I purchased on a whim last year seemed like something that'd be fun to build and paint, so I went ahead and started them. They are very cool to paint

    I may use them as backdrops for more "thematic" photos of models going forward.

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    Nice work on the bulkheads and the mighty minotaur. Keep persisting with him and the score will come buddy.

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    The Minatour is looking awesome mate, very nice painting!!!

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    Minotaur dodgy elbow joint filling resurrection worked a treat with the animal pelt....good solution.

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    Cheers guys!

    I haven't painted as much as I intended over the past two weeks - I had expected to paint every day, but I've been too relaxed and took the chance to see friends, go for walks, watch movies and read in the sunny garden and enjoy the weather.

    However, I have done some more "minotauring". I think he's getting closer to completion

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    The square base is only temporary, and I'll be replacing with a round one. I'm not quite sure what to do with the base, so I need to have a bit of a think (I never have much of a plan!), so any suggestions are welcome!

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    Old school glory
    1. 'Painting is a companion with whom one may hope to walk a great part of life's journey.' W. Churchill
    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    He's going great buddy. Nice depth of contrast on him. Will look awesome once the last finishing touches are there

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    Cheers guys. I'm at that stage with him where it's a bit of a grind just deciding how to finish off various parts, so to keep things ticking over, I've been having some fun painting something a little simpler, quicker and easier in a more relaxed style... Zombicide Zombies!

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    Cheers mate!

    I've had a busy couple of weeks (an awesome "big cat keeper" experience day at Dartmoor zoo, and a family wedding amongst the usual work commitments), but I have been painting on and off, though I haven't been taking photographs of progress.

    One I have worked on is a Goliath Ganger. Picture is on an iPhone with questionable lighting, but hopefully gives everyone the gist of what I'm going for

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Cool. The green mohawk looks nice with the red pants.

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