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    @Lone Lemming: Cheers, I've bought one anyway after all and tried it out. I think I need to spend some time understanding my camera a little and playing around with the settings more! Thanks for the suggestion about the eyes, I wasn't quite happy with them, I think I just needed a nudge to revisit them really and give them another go.

    I've not had a great deal of hobby time this week (excuses, excuses) as this week was sprint change-over at work for my team, and I had two customer demonstrations at the end of the week (so Tuesday: Internal Demo and next sprint prep, Wednesday: Sprint Planning, Thursday & Friday: Customer Demos!).

    It didn't help that I also have been watching an episode of Game of Thrones (season one now complete) every evening, and with fitness training too 4 out of 5 weeknights, I've not really always had as much time to paint as I wanted. Fortunately, I still had half an hour here and there, but focused on actually putting paint on model on trying to get passable photos and updating this thread.

    This week I started work on the other axe haft, put a few basecoats down on the axe heads, touched up the eyes (cheers Lone Lemmings!), and added another couple of layers to the trousers. I'm not sure whether I'll push on and try the stripes on the trousers on this model, as I already feel I'm overworking bits and pieces. I'd rather get to somewhere I'm happy with it and complete the model, over trying too many new techniques and losing interest. Also I'm starting to find myself drawn towards placing an order for quite a large amount of the new Necromunda models, and if I don't push on I reckon I may fall into the trap of "new model syndrome" haha

    Anyway a picture:
    Name:  11_11_17_Front_800x600.JPG
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    The axe heads need some work, particularly the gold needs some defining. The Dwarf's left axe haft (the one on the right of the photo) is a little clumsy, but I wanted something more interesting than just straight line wood grain as on the other axe. Could use some more highlighting. The eyes were redone using "The Fang" (stupid paint colour name) rather than black, and they look a little more symmetrical than before. I find eyes challenging, which I imagine most do, but as long as it's relatively neat, I'm OK with it for now until I figure out a technique that works for me.

    Picture was taken using the photo booth, with the lights, which I think has washed out some of the highlights - but I'm sure once I've got into the swing of things and have a consistent level of light I'll figure out a bunch of settings that work OK for my purposes.

    Thanks for looking folks, and have a good evening, morning or afternoon wherever you are :-)

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    This little guy is looking really good... I really like the effect you have done on that second axe, quite clever. This mini is starting to look really good...

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    @Chaotic Creations: Cheers!

    Quick update from this morning's work (arse view):
    Name:  12_11_17_800x600.JPG
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    Redid the trousers a little to make the shadows less stark. I think the grey paints I'm trying to use aren't in the best condition - I get the feeling I may have tried to water them down in their pots themselves in 2013 or whatever, and it's made them a bit hard to apply.

    After telling myself not to bother with blue stripes on the trousers, I woke up this morning with a bit of extra motivation and decided just to push on and give it a go. It's looking OK from the rear, and one side, but the other side and the front is a bit messy. I need to bend the pins slightly as I've noticed there's some detail that I just can't get too at the moment on the front (the Dwarf - he's too fat!). Annoyingly I slipped when painting the stripes on the front so ended up getting a bit of blue on the end of the boots, which I'll need to touch up at some point. Weirdly I didn't notice this until after looking at the photo's on my PC - funny how you miss things when staring at it too long.

    I quite like the look of the stripes so far, I think it makes things more interesting than the plain white trousers I was tempted to leave them as.

    That's all for now folks, I've got a few jobs around my house to be avoiding today, so I'm not sure if I'll get back to painting again later - I may just have a bit of a movie day instead!

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    Well my friend, those stripes look fantastic !!! Followed the creases in the pants beautifully... and that Gem on the axe head is looking super too !!!! I’m green with envy watching your little guy progress... I’ve got about 9 hours of my last shift to go and then I can have a go myself !!! Oh and with the paints I’m hearing ya, I gave up recovering my old paints and have started buying new ones, they don’t seem to perfectly recover after drying out, well nothing like the smoothness you get from new paints anyways...

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    Love the strips, nicely done.

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    @Chaotic Creations & @Clarke: Cheers dudes! I'm really quite happy with the way the stripes came out, particularly on the back. Looking at it now, it definitely needed it as otherwise the it would have been a bit meh, and I wanted to push myself a bit with this one.

    I've not had that much time again this week, so rather than photo and post after every brush stroke, I thought I'd push on and try and get the guy done in the time I had instead.

    Although there's definitely bits and pieces I could still touch up, I'm happy with where he is, and have decided I'm calling it done. I suppose if I'm going to say that, I ought to pop up some evidence shouldnt' I?

    Name:  DwarfSlayer1_Complete_Front_800x600.JPG
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Size:  479.9 KB

    Name:  DwarfSlayer1_Complete_Rear_800x600.JPG
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Size:  489.8 KB

    Most of the hobby effort this week was on highlights to the stripes, which is quite subtle, but I like the effect, and obviously the biggest new bit is the base.

    The base is "sculpted" with milliput, by which I mean two lumps of milliput where haphazardly mashed onto a round base. For some reason, I also felt the need to make a mushroom / toadstool, because after all, this is an old school mini, and as I wanted him to be on the front-edge of the cliff, leaning forward, I wanted to add something to the back to add a bit of balance. The milliput hill was liberally slathered with PVA glue and dropped in a big pot of sand. Once dried, this was basecoated and softly highlighted using an airbrush, before a final drybrush was added to pick up some of the texture of the sand. I then picked out a few of the stones in grey, before more PVA glue and a dip into a tub of static grass. The edges of the base were cleaned up, before the model was pinned on.

    So there you go! I'll be posting more photos to my blog shortly, and when a compilation photo is done, I'll upload it to the gallery and add the link in here so people can take a look and give it a score should they wish.

    Thanks folks!

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    Well done droid looks fantastic, I really do like the way this guy has turned out and a cool looking base you have made !!! Well if you feel there’s bits you could work on you can always revisit it in the future and add some little touch ups... looking forward to seeing what you decide to paint next

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    @Chaotic Creations: Thanks mate, I am pleased with how's come out to be fair. I reckon my best yet. Not sure what I'm going to go for next, but I'll probably mix it up and do something a little different. Maybe another zombicide model, or a space marine. We'll see!

    link for scoring in the gallery: http://www.coolminiornot.com/419911

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    Voted! This is one to really be proud off and put in your display cabinet.

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    No painting so far this week, but a little bit of a hint towards what I'm planning to be working on next

    Name:  image.jpeg
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Size:  1.32 MB

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    Busy week at work, busiest for a while, so I've not been too hobby active... Though I have a big necromunda pre order coming soon that may excite me into action again.

    in the meantime, I've got today off for an appointment early afternoon, so this morning, I thought I'd see if I could make a little progress to get another model going.

    I've got a big unpainted Space Wolves collection, so I fancied having a go at a blood claw. My plan is that the more experienced packs become more "wolfy", so the blood claws will only have at max a pelt or a wolf tail, grey hunters will have a couple of wolfy items, and long fangs and wolf guard even more.

    as my space wolf collection goes back a way before they had their own kit, I decided I'd need to sculpt a few wolfy trinkets for them. Easiest thing to start with is some wolf tails, which I started in my last post, and stuck one on the handle of a bolt pistol:

    Name:  image.jpg
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    This is was a model I stripped, so still needs cleaning up and primer coats.

    the plan is to add basecoats and armour using an airbrush, and then pick out the details and add edge highlights and deep shadows. That's the plan anyway!

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    I recognise that old school bolt pistol I’ve got a little container full of them !!! Nice sculpts of the wolf tails... just out of curiosity, what’s that colour scheme for space wolves theses days ? I painted a heap a long time ago and the base colour was space wolves grey, but I don’t think that colour exists anymore ???

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    I'm not quite sure exactly of the "official" SW colour scheme now or then! If I remember correctly, in the old school days the guides used to say basecoat shadow grey, highlight space wolf grey, but the studio colour scheme was always far lighter, so I dont believe that's what it was really haha

    i believe there is a Fenrisian Grey in the new range, which may be the equivalent, but I've not really thought about what I'm going to use quite yet. I'll probably experiment with the colour scheme with this first guy. I've prepped the model this afternoon, but I've not got as far as putting any paint on him... So much for the plan ha

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    Airbrush basecoats done. Aiming for a reasonably smooth coat to start with.

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Name:  image.jpeg
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Size:  1.57 MB

    Name:  image.jpeg
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Size:  1.49 MB

    Pictures done one with my iPad so I don't have to mess about with setting up and wrestling with my digital camera and PC, so they will be a little far out! Pics are also less blue then in person, they are more in line with traditional space wolf baby blue.

    In case anyone would like to know the paints used.

    before starting, although painting in sub assemblies, I've decided where the the "top" of each sub assembly will be for light source.

    Priming applied via airbrush zenithal:
    - Stynylrez Black primer
    - Stynylrez Grey primer
    - Stynylrez White primer

    Basecoat applied via airbrush zenithal:
    - The Fang over most of the model, thin layers so that the zenithal undercoat shows sutble shading
    - Russ Grey, light cost from top and a little extra on the front
    - Fenrisian Grey, lighter cost only from the top

    Next step is to go in and add some shading with the airbrush in choice locations, to get contrast before work on the details.

    cheers folks

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    Well that didn't go to plan!

    Had a bit of a 'mare today, it started with airbrush clogs, followed by excessively thin paint too close and heavy handed resulting in spidering that had to be cleaned up. To make matters worse, my shading colour choice for the panel lines I don't like, and looks messy, finished off with clumsy too thick edge highlights. Hahaha, all in all not my best work. The photos is intentionally from a distance ha
    Name:  image.jpeg
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Size:  1.80 MB

    Im not sure if the colour scheme really looks too space wolfy, so I may have to chance the colour scheme, but that's why I start with one model before starting on the full pack.

    My Space Wolves will all belong to Krom Dragongazes Great Company, so that means a grey left shoulder pad, and the other painted in pack markings. I will have a go at free handing the sigil on the left shoulder pad, but I'll have a few practice goes first I think on some spare shoulder pads.

    Im reasonably happy with the backpack, other than the purple shading, which I just don't think works.

    Some days you have to accept that you need to step away and do something else for a few hours instead!

    For a bit of variation, here is another model I've been progressing on the quiet. Poe Damerons X Wing. This is a bandai "vehicle model", which is kind of a palm sized model do give you some sense of scale.

    Name:  image.jpeg
Views: 211
Size:  1.42 MB

    A little sloppy in a few places that still needs tidying up, and I want to weather it a bit as its too "fresh of production line".

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    Looks good man, nice smooth coats from the airbrush... I think you may be right about the purple shade, but may just need to be darkened a little, maybe with a dark blue ??? Good job experimenting. I do like the xwing looks awesome !!!

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    Haha yeah, the purple is one of my classic failed experiments. Never mind I shall persevere then decide to try using a deep blue instead

    I'm having trouble uploading pictures at the moment on here, so if anyone would like to see last nights progress it's on my blog: http://droidworkshop.co.uk/miniature...rt-4/#more-374

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    Yep I’ve been struggling to even log on... I saw someone mentioned that there was a big sale in the store so it’s slowed down everything (bulk people online).
    I had a little look at your blog and it’s looking pretty good... I wouldn’t say the purple is a fail, looks alright with a few highlights... you have to try these things out or we never learn...

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    Oh yeah I bet it's all that Black Friday / cyber Monday bollocks! Considering it's constantly rammed down everyone's throat it's a surprise I didn't put 2 and 2 together

    Decided to redo the armour panel lines in blue, which I like a little better. I also decided to change the weapons to red, just to make things more interesting and be a bit more blood claw:

    Name:  image.jpeg
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Size:  1.62 MB

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    the finished dwarf looks great. nice job

    you seem to have recused the marine nicely to

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