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Thread: Jake's (DroidWorkshop) WIPs

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    Right o target- love the Xwing

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    Cheers dudes!

    A little progress tonight on the blood claws weapons. Building up some layers on the red casings to come through as highlights. Not too obvious, but they're there!

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Laughing a a little at the sponge in the background of the photos, didn't notice it at the time!

    the sponge is on my desk for a reason - I was using a little piece of it glued to a paper clip to add some weathering to...

    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Name:  image.jpeg
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    Just a a little silver streaks here and there to look a bit worn in. Also did a bit on the droid to highlight and paint on some orange rings, though it's a really small model so probably a little tough to spot (and not too neatly done either)

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    Nice finish with the Dwarf. I also like he weathering on the X-Wing very effective.

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    Thanks Clarke!

    Put some finishing touches to the x-wing today, not much really, but I know the difference hahaha. Also airbrushed the base black as it was a little overly shiny as bare plastic, and there was kind of like plastic flow marks on it that I didn't like. Also dotted BB-8's black eye, just because.

    A selection of finished photos:
    Name:  PoeDameronXwingBoxScale1.jpg
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    Name:  PoeDameronXwingBoxScale4.JPG
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    Name:  PoeDameronXwingBoxScale8.JPG
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    Photo uploaded to the gallery also:

    Thanks folks

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    This looks awesome man, well done... and just in time for the movie release too

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    Cheers guys!

    I've got loads of Star Wars models to work through - the original trilogy Star Wars models from the movie are basically THE reason I'm into models I guess.

    Tonight I moved back on to the Blood Claw. Crappy photos as usual, but mostly working on trying some glazing / layering of the main space wolf colours. ,more of an experiment in trying to better understand the technique. Seems to me that it's all about thin paint, moving th pigment towards the direction you want it to lie. But I'm going,to need loads of practice haha

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