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Thread: Jake's (DroidWorkshop) WIPs

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    The A-wing is looking great droid... are you planning on some weathering for this one or just going to keep the paintwork fresh?

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    Oh yeah, it's going to get weathering - if only to hide the ropey finish, and the couple of places that have less neat panel lines.

    Todays efforts were on cleaning up the overspray and missed areas, and picking out panels of a different colour as per the movie. Also removed the plasticine mask.

    How it's looking at the moment:

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    Hi everyone.

    It's been almost two months since I last painted and posted - work has been mental, and I've been juggling so my projects at work my heads been in a spin, so my free time has all been about trying to wind down, and I put all hobby thoughts on the back burner.

    To cap it all off, I've also embarked on another hobby project (a movie review website with one of my best friends), and that chewed through a few weekends and watching movies and writing about them takes time. That being said I've been wanting to get back into painting again the past week or so, and tonight I convinced myself that rather than zombie out in front of the TV, I'd try to do something a bit more creative.

    The A-Wing has pretty much pissed me off (airbrush bleed, coupled with frustration with clean up and a few paint chips), which means I really didn't fancy jumping straight back to it, so to try and get my interest back, I thought I'd go back to something a little smaller and simpler, so I grabbed one of the many Mordor Orcs sat undercoated and waiting for a paint job and started on him:

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    My home made wet palette hadn't been cleaned since I last painted a month ago (grim), so I had to clean and disinfect it and do without for this session. I had planned to try and avoid making the same mistakes as with the first Orc, but given I felt very rusty, I decided I'd rather push on. I've applied the paint thicker than I had intended, which doesn't help on a model with some quite soft details anyway, but it felt good to get a brush back in hand and lay down some quick basecoats.

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    Ahhh welcome back droid great to see you picking up the brush... so far so good on the orc, despite a bit thicker paint it looks like all the details are in tact, and some nice clean painting, so should be all good!!! Looking forward to seeing how you tackle this one.

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    welcome back. looks a good start to me

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    Yeh complimentary color use is dead on center-IOW let me bring to the attn for others droid used a dark green complemented by red- but not just any red and dark red to keep the intensity and saturation the same. If droid would have used a desaturated red almost a pastel like a pinkish / red it wouldn’t have looked this nice and would have appeared less attractive aesthetically !!! Here’s a man who knows his color theory and used a common combo of red/ green in the most visually stunning way!!!

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    Cheers guys!

    Small amount of progress tonight, just the faintest hint of highlights and shadows. The reds a little brighter now than it was - probably a step to far to be honest, but it looks less stark in person. I overdid a "thin-line" wash on the codpiece armour thing, and the glove looks particularly scruffy in this picture - it's funny how much photos show up stuff like this.

    I quite like the highlights on the back, and I'm planning to take the hardest edges up another level to stop it from all the highlights looking the same when I next get the brushes out

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    Ooh, nice! That shade of red is spot on I believe. Looking forward to the progress!
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    Finally bothered to get my finger out to do a bit of painting this morning

    Think I'm going to call him done and move on to the next thing

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    It’s a pretty solid mini Droid. Good work. Wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him
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    Nice one droid, turned out great!!!

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