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    Cheers Krule, I wanted a splash of different colour on him to contrast with the deep red.

    A little more progress over the last week on a couple of models:

    The Minotaur now has a base. I've rusted up the axe blades that I wasn't happy with, which I think now looks more interesting. He's almost complete, some touch ups needed on the feet where there's some paint chipping. I also need to paint the base edges.

    Also moved the Goliath along further. It doesn't look much, but I've toned down the metal highlights, worked on the mohawk some more, he's now holding his gun and I've painted his eyes (though his right eye needs some clean up):

    Finally, I've also had some fun with his base, which I'm quite happy with:

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    Nice to see the Minotaur close to completion, looks great buddy. The ganger looks solid too, in particular the red. And excellent work on the base, one of the best I’ve seen of those Necromunda bases

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    Keep at it. Each tweak make the nice work look even better.

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    Cheers guys!

    I tidied up the minotaurs feet this morning, and I'm calling him done.

    I feel like I've learned quite a lot from this model - it's the biggest miniature I've ever actually painted and completed, which presented new challenges. A little sculpting involved too, which I think came out pretty well.

    Composite shots are now uploaded to the gallery: http://www.coolminiornot.com/430011


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    Voted buddy. The score when I looked wasn’t at all representative of the quality of painting. I think you’ve suffered unnecessarily from the sculpt there and people aren’t looking past it to the talent involved,

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    Cheers Foxtail! I don't pay much heed to the scoring, I'm pleased to have broken the 7/10 barrier which was a hobby goal for this year (at least he is for now anyway!)

    Finished the Goliath off tonight too! I'm also a production line

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    Next model on the painting table... Merry of the Fellowship of the Ring.

    I've accrued a little collection of Lord of the Rings character models, but I've really chickened out of working on them, as they're quite small, and the details more subtle. As it turns out, I have a couple of duplicate hobbit miniatures from the original Fellowship of the Ring box, so I thought I'd give one of them a go:

    Initially just placing on the first basecoats. Aiming for thin layers on this one so a few coats will definitely be needed! The above photo was taken toward the end of last week

    This morning, I added a few more coats onto various parts of the model, along with making sure all parts are basecoated (other than the sword, which I've had to re-prime due to the little "nub" on the end that I didn't spot until I took the first photo!). Also started adding some shadows to the creases on the cloak (I should have taken a rear photo as that shows the shadows better).

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    Voted for Minotaur.

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    Thanks Graishak, I seem to find it hard to get scores, but I guess that's a problem many have. I think I'm going to make a conscious effort to rate more miniatures to help as there are a lot I've not rated!

    Tonight I've had a little more fun with Merry. Unfortunately my phone camera has wiped out the highlights on the waistcoat, for some reason the highlights on the cloak appear chalker and the subtle red tint I applied to the cheeks isn't really visible. Though it may not help that I have a bit of a cheap laptop screen I use when posting on here!

    I always struggle somewhat with metallics, but from this angle the highlights (just a couple of drops of white in my Vallejo Gun Metal) applied strategically actually looks alright in this photo

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    Love that green hair on the goliath- and love the hobetsis!!!! !!! Love

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