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    Default Typhus WIP

    So I've relented and bought Typhus. Been at him a few hours here and there and here's what I've done so far.

    Undercoated him with Vallejo grey polyurethane primer and base coated him with Citadel paints and washes. The deathguard for me have a grimy dirty feel to them and I imagine their armour to be absolutely pitted and full of accumulated dirt and dust and that's the look I'm going for. Slow but steady progress lol.
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    Great work so far. With such a fussy / detailed mini I recommend you make the key details like the face and nurgling extra bright to draw the eye
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    Thank you for asking but I don't do commissions.

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    Superb. I’m actually starting to like this model more and more when I see people’s versions of it, I think it’s just the ‘eavy Metal version I don’t like. A rare miss from them.

    You’ve picked out all the details really well. Awesome work.

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    The model kinda grew on me and yeah I will do that with face and nurgling...advice very much appreciated guys

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    Dont think you require much in the way of advice RS, cracking job.

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    on a serious note, i do commissions, no really i do, ask and ye shall receive

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    Thanks Cassar I'm steadily getting back into it...been a while and I'll happily accept any advice given

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    Nice start, not a fan of this sculpt, very "Kharn the betrayer". I always thought of this guy as more slow and purposeful and tough, but in a plodding slow implacable way, ya know?
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    Yeah something just first seem to fit with his image...id have preferred a much more hunched and bullish pose

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    This dude with Typhus’ head:

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    That’s how I’d planned on doing him if I ever get around to finishing Mortarion. But they’ll probably have a new version of Typh by then.

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    Yeah something more like that would have been better and maybe with the scythe with the chainblade or something more ornate.

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    i must admit i prefer the original model to the new one. I'm not sure I like the nurgling being on it, just seems to make it a little too much cartoony, but those thoughts aside, I like the painting on this. you have really good colour scheme. all the colours work well with each other ,and there lots of interest in the armour. might benefit from a touch more contrast though

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    Bit more done on Typhus. Ive made a start on his base which at the minute has its oxide coat but im gonna make it a lot more copper/bronze coloured. Still got an absolute raft of work to do but slow and steady wins the race lol
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    You have some nice subtle blends go on. Nice progress.

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    nice liking this, really nice muted colours .

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    looking great. I like what your doing with the base very cool.

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    Wow, what a pleasant job, RogueSquirrel!!! I would give more highlights on the creature he has onto his leg, just to make it more visible. Anyway... just WOW. Well done.
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    Coming along really nicely, nurgle goodness.

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    Anything in the upper quadrant of the model, shoulder armor panels really anything that makes 90 degree angles to the light coming arbitra ily straight down e.g. The top portions of his outstretched arms,top of scythe top of knee armor etc. these can benefit further from a brighter edge highlight .this however takes a bit of practice bur you could try it on a small piece and see the diff visually.again all models can be further and further enhanced it's a matter of how much time and where you wish to stop.

    you have done a terrific job on him as is.again it's just you making the decisions about extra steps which calculate into purely display,competitive display , or tabletop painting your after.

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    Thanks BloodASmedium, I'm trying to get into the habit of painting everything as if I was entering a competition regardless of whether I am or not . Any advice is always appreciated so I'll put into effect what you said and see how far I go with it. Thanks man

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    The bright green blends on the armor gives a really nice tone to the mini. Great job there

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