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    Nice little base there Squirrel...compliments the model nicely. Definate clean tidy GW style you have going on on this.

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    Ok so that is honestly how I paint most of the time trying to say if this was a comp piece would it be worthy. I compare it to maybe I’m not Michael Jordan or Kenton James- but at least I’m in the NBA - so here’s what your gonna do your going to pick a contest any contest open judging or panel whatever rates you against a standard and get yourself to go. It’s the best way to climb up the latter. Seeing these other pieces in person seeing where your at and what the judges liked/disliked and from their the human nature competitive bug bite will take over. now chop chop we all have worked to do to get you ready !!! )

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    It's the 40k golden demon on 26th of this month so I'm gonna work my fingers off and hit that up I reckon be a good experience if nothing else

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    Cool, ill see you at the demon then next week. its really going to be a Nurgle theme on the competition this time!

    i really dig the new nurgle release a lot but typhus pose is as said not the greatest.

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    Do it RS! It's a great learning experience and theres so much stuff to be inspired by and learn from. Should be heading up myself....Good luck!

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    Yeah his pose is awful and he has a lot of additional detail that makes him a real ball ache but I love a challenge lol. Yeah I'm looking forward to going to GD...just waiting for new turbo to be fitted on my motor and I'll be fine for the drive down lol. See you guys there

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    Name:  P1020777.JPG
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    So...entered him into 40K Golden Demon and earned a pin badge for it. Being there and seeing the level of competition was a great learning experience and I am looking forward to the next one. Big thanks to you guys for giving me the nudge to go for it...much respect and gratitude

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    Well done man....

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    Thanks guys...much appreciated

    Voting link lol http://www.coolminiornot.com/420284

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    Well done, top work

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    I didnt see it. In fact i didnt see anything in the 'single' cabinet, really shitty setup at gd this time eh! Congrats for the pin anyway, well done

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    Yeah the set up was terrible hardly any room to move or see stuff clearly. How did you do?

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    Hey Rogue...just managed to squeeze a look at your piece in the logjammed single mini cabinet. Looked really nice in reality, great job.

    Viewing, lighting etc was as crap as at GD classic...probably even harder to view here though as the queing system was woeful and the judges were trying to remove the models in amongst the queue not from the rear of the cabinets as at Coventry.

    Pretty shambolic set up TBH in a room that big with most of the gaming tables not in use, few grumbles going round on social media about miniature not being judged etc etc...but thats usually the norm from a few disgruntled people who feel hard done by I guess.

    2 finalist pins with my entries and both models photographed...got some useful feedback as well from one of the EM guys as well, so onwards and upwards.

    Congrats to the CMON forum winners. Skellettets (your Nightlord was was of the highlights for me), Sproket.... and anyone else I missed.

    Also thought Adie Bays entries (particularly the single mini and unbound entries) were exceptional this time round.

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    Thanks hairster and congrats on the pins. The lighting in the cabinets was abysmal but some of the entries were out of this world. All in all I really enjoyed the day and the experience. I'll be back for the AoS GD I reckon. 2 entries next time .

    Hope next time the cabinets are played out better and the glass is actually cleaned and lockable too lol

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    And thanks too canny

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    Glad we had our chat bud!!! Enjoy your earnings,congrats!!!

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    Thanks man...ive already got my next entries planned for AoS Golden Demon and Classic Golden Demon

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    well done on the pin and nice job on the model as well. the finished thing looks great

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